Jack Winters’ Gridiron Chums By Mark Overton Pdf

Jack Winters' Gridiron Chums By  Mark Overton Pdf

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Jack Winters reached home, and had his bath in time to come to the table when the supper bell rang. And it goes without saying that his appetite showed no sign of flagging on that occasion, for football work is calculated to put a keen edge on a boy’s natural desire for food.

Later on he again set forth, after a hack at his lessons, and turned to make his way across lots along a well-worn path, in this fashion cutting off several corners, and shortening the distance, which is apparently a thing desired by every American lad.

It was about eight when he arrived at the Hopkins domicile, and was let in by Toby himself. The other seemed wildly excited, for the first thing he did was to burst forth with:

“Jack, I’ve gone and done it, I do believe, this time! Yes, sir, I’ve struck an idea that promises fairly to revolutionize iceboats. It came to me like a flash, and I’m wild to know what you think about it.”

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