Introduction to Marketing and Sales Pdf

Download Introduction to Marketing and Sales Pdf book free online – from Introduction to Marketing and Sales Pdf book; This note covers the following topics: Importance of Marketing, Role of Sales business, Concept of Market, Basic concept of Sales and selling, Understanding customer and consumer, Activities in Sales and Marketing.

Marketing is ―performance of business activities that direct the flow of goods from producers to consumers or users‘‘. It may be said that marketing includes all those activities which effect changes in the ownership and possession of goods and services.

Marketing helps in creating employment opportunities to many people. Since the marketing process involves various activities such as buying, selling, warehousing, transportation, finance, risk taking etc, it provides employment for many to improve their income levels.

The job of marketing is to stay ahead of the changes, and help the hunters see where they should be hunting and provide
them with the right ammunition. If Marketing is only focused on delivering the ammunition for today, nobody will see where the industry is moving or where the company needs to hunt next. This limits growth.

A market segment is that portion of a larger market which individuals, groups or organization share one or more characteristics that causes them to have relatively similar products needs.

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