Introduction to Instrumentation and Measurements

Introduction to Instrumentation and Measurements pdf

Instrumentation and Measurements – Knowledge of instrumentation is critical in light of the highly sensitive and precise requirements of modern processes and systems. Rapid development in instrumentation technology coupled with the adoption of new standards makes a firm, up-to-date foundation of knowledge more important than ever in most science and engineering fields.

Understanding this, Robert B. Northrop produced the best-selling Introduction to Instrumentation and Measurements in 1997. The second edition continues to provide in-depth coverage of a wide array of modern instrumentation and measurement topics, updated to reflect advances in the field.

See What’s New in the Second Edition:

  • Anderson Current Loop technology
  • Design of optical polarimeters and their applications
  • Photonic measurements with photomultipliers and channel-plate photon sensors
  • Sensing of gas-phase analytes (electronic “noses”)
  • Using the Sagnac effect to measure vehicle angular velocity
  • Micromachined, vibrating mass, and vibrating disk rate gyros
  • Analysis of the Humphrey air jet gyro
  • Micromachined IC accelerometers
  • GPS and modifications made to improve accuracy
  • Substance detection using photons
  • Sections on dithering, delta-sigma ADCs, data acquisition cards, the USB, and virtual instruments and PXI systems

Based on Northrop’s 40 years of experience, Introduction to Instrumentation and Measurements, Second Edition is unequalled in its depth and breadth of coverage.

Editorial Reviews


When the copy reached me and I browsed it, I said to myself, ‘boy, this is good!’… .It is mandatory to start this review with a hearty and sincere congratulation to the author, Dr. Robert B. Northrop, for a thorough, solid and impressive piece that actually deserves to be called an opera, in the best sense of the old Latin meaning of the word, so much, that the word ‘introduction’ in its title appears as a too modest understatement and, perhaps, it ought to be deleted in future editions, to place the whole work in a proper and better perspective.

…It is a must in any personal and/or engineering laboratory library, be it for advanced undergraduates, graduate students as also for the practicing professional and researcher. Besides, the book has a superb list of references for further study and is clearly written along with readable equations and figures.
-BioMedical Engineering OnLine, 2006