Introduction to Community Psychology: Becoming an Agent of Change

Introduction to Community Psychology

Introduction to Community Psychology – This textbook will show you how to comprehensively analyze, investigate, and address escalating problems of economic inequality, violence, substance abuse, homelessness, poverty, and racism. It will provide you with perspectives and tools to partner with community members and organizations to promote a fair and equitable allocation of resources and opportunities.

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents

  • I. Introduction
  • II. Theory, Research, and Practice
  • III. Understanding Communities
  • IV. Intervention and Prevention Strategies
  • V. Tools for Action
  • VI. Our Future
  • VII. Chapter Quizzes
  • VIII. Chapter Lecture Slides


About the Contributors


Leonard A. Jason, Olya Glantsman, Jack F. O’Brien, and Kaitlyn N. Ramian (Editors)

List of Contributors:

Amy J. Anderson, Valerie Anderson, Fabricio E. Balcazar, Luciano Berardi, Ireri Bernai, Samanta Boddapati, Latriece Clark, Michael Dropkin, James Emshoff, Jesica S. Ferńandez, Vincent T. Francisco, Julia Grant, Mayra Guerrero, Bianca Guzman, Ronald Harvey, Sonja Hilson, August Hoffman, Daniel Holgado, Tiffeny R. Jimenez, Amber Kelly, Christopher B. Keys, Gordon Lee, Ashlee Lien, Hana Masud, Isidro Maya-Jariego, Amie R. McKibban, Susan D. McMahon, Ericka D. Mingo, Angela Mooss, Brad D. Olson, Geraldine L. Palmer, Symone Pate, Bernadette Sánchez, Crystal N. Steltenpohl, Ed Stevens, Melissa Strompolis, Yolanda Suarez-Balcazar, Catalina Tang, Nghi D. Thai, Dominique Thomas, Paul A. Toro, Judah Viola, Julie A. Vryhof, Christopher R. Whipple, Susan M. Wolfe, Lindsey Zimmerman, and Mark Zinn (Developer)