Internet Programme for E Commerce By Guru Pdf

Download Internet Programme for E Commerce By Guru Pdf book free online – from Internet Programme for E Commerce By Guru Pdf book; The meteoric growth of Internet based E-commerce at the turn of the last century is truly baffling. This note explains the following topics related to Internet Programme for E-Commerce: Basic Concepts of HTML, Working with Links, Images, Audio and Video, Working with Java Script and VB Script, Introducing Linux, Cryptography, Digital Signature and Cyber Law,

Internet has changed the way in which business is being done today. It has changed the world into large virtual market place where customer can place order and buy things from his computer terminal. It means he has access to entire world shopping market it doesn’t matter where he is.

Website is collection of web pages, which are interlinked with each other. The Web pages are designed independently and then these are linked in required sequence to provide logical structure to the Website. The first page of a web site known as Home Page is designed to welcome the reader who has logged on the site. Home page development is necessary for all Web sites. Home Page is like a menu card at restaurant, which lists all the items available at the restaurant. Same purpose is served by Home Page, which provides labeled links to the main web pages.

A Web Page is a document which serves as basic unit of information. It contains text information, sound, image, animation and even video. Web page can also contain links to other pages stored anywhere on the web. There is no restriction on the size of Web site. If the size of Web site is large, then it can be placed over number of servers. One Web site can have cross-links to the files of another Web site means sharing of files.

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