International Financial Management by Guru Pdf

Download International Financial Management by Guru Pdf book free online – from International Financial Management by Guru Pdf book; International Financial Management is a well-known term in todays world and it is also known as international finance. It means financial management in an international business environment. This book covers the following topics: Multinational Financial Management, Evolution Of International Monetary and Financial System, Management Of Short-term Assets

International Financial Management is designed to provide today’s financial managers with an understanding of the fundamental concepts and the tools necessary to be effective global managers. Throughout, the text emphasizes how to deal with exchange risk and market imperfections, using the various instruments and tools that are available, while at the same time maximizing the benefits from an expanded global opportunity set.

The final feature of international finance that distinguishes it from domestic finance is that world markets today are highly imperfect. There are profound differences among nations’ laws, tax systems, business practices and general cultural environments. Imperfections in the world financial markets tend to restrict the extent to which investors can diversify their portfolio. Though there are risks and costs in coping with these market imperfections, they also offer managers of international firms abundant opportunities.

The theory and practice of international financial management is in consonance with the tax environment, legal obligations, foreign exchange rates, interest rate fluctuation, capital market movements, inflationary trends, political risk and country risk, micro and macro economic environment changes, ethical constraints etc.

Effective financial management, however, is more than the application of the newest business techniques or operating more efficiently. There must be an underlying goal. International Financial Management is written from the perspective that the fundamental goal of sound financial management is shareholder wealth maximization.

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