Internal Combustion Engine Fundamentals by J. Heywood

Internal Combustion Engine Fundamentals by J. Heywood pdf

Internal Combustion Engine Fundamentals is a comprehensive book for undergraduate students of Mechanical Engineering. The book comprises chapters on engine types and their operations, thermo chemistry of fuel-air mixtures, properties of working fluids, gas exchange processes, pollutant formation and control, engine heat transfer, and engine operating characteristics.

In addition, the book consists of several diagrams and illustrations to understand the concepts better. This book is essential for mechanical engineers preparing for competitive examinations like GATE and IES.

About the Author

John B. Heywood has been a faculty member at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology since1968, where he was Sun Jae Professor of Mechanical Engineering and Director of the Sloan Automotive Laboratory. He has published over 230 technical papers and is the author of five books, including the first edition of Internal Combustion Engine Fundamentals.