Interactive Aerospace Engineering and Design by Dava Newman

Interactive Aerospace Engineering and Design by Dava Newman PDF

Interactive Aerospace Engineering and Design – Intended for both majors and non-majors taking a first course in Introduction to Aerospace Engineering or Introduction to Flight, Newman’s INTERACTIVE AEROSPACE ENGINEERING & DESIGN text will inspire students with its integrated bound-in CD-ROM (PC & Mac compatible); and with its strong emphasis on introducing the design process in a way beginning students can understand.

The text/CD’s active visual approach and inclusion of space-oriented topics make it ideal for the changing needs of the Aerospace Engineering field. Newman’s book is the first in its course area to include integrated multimedia resources.

The CD-ROM, bound in with every book, includes the entire text in pdf form for electronic viewing options. It also integrates extensive animations, QuickTime movies, and Matlab-based simulations to motivate student readers. Quicktime movies of a student design project competition is included to convey the importance of team-oriented design to readers, and a section on human-powered

About the Author

David J. Newman is a Professor of Aerospace Engineering at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and a major researcher who has designed experiments carried out on the Mir Space Station, NASA shuttle mission, and Mars mission. She has also worked as an engineer for Boeing Aircraft in Seattle.

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