Integrated Management System – 5 Signs That Indicate That Your Company Needs

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Integrated Management System – Every entrepreneur seeks the growth of his company, but some are not yet prepared for such expansion. As the business grows more demands must be met such as inventory management and HR strategies, and this may be the time to get an integrated management system .

The main factor that negatively influences is disorganized and unstructured growth. However, with a specific system to meet certain demand it is possible to grow organically, organized and structured.

If your management faces daily problems know 5 signs that indicate that your business needs to invest in an integrated management system. Zoe Talent Solutions will provide you best courses on Integrated Management System. Follow and put “the house in order”!

1 – Decentralized And Non-Integrated Management

How does controlling your company’s financial management work ? Do you know your cash flow? What is the level of raw material in your stock? Is it possible to fulfill all orders or lack of supplies?

Do you know why you have a hard time answering these questions? Because all of your information may be decentralized, that is, it is individual data that does not talk to each other.

With the lack of automation of processes and convenient use of old-fashioned spreadsheets, everything is liable to failures. If you have reached that point it is an indication that things are not going well.

2 – Problems In The Communication Of The Sales Sector With The Distribution

Too much attached to logistics this is a problem that can cause a great deficiency in your company. That is because if there is no communication between the sales department and the logistics, even your customer will suffer the consequences.

Orders delivered late, erroneous deliveries and everything else due to inefficient logistics.

On the other hand, with the presence of an integrated management system all information becomes part of a single system. This system eliminates any possibility of duplicity of information, decentralization or data outdated.

3 – It Does Not Know The Peculiarities Of The Calculation Of Tariffs And Taxes

Every entrepreneur knows the hard taxation and legal obligations before the Treasury . When the entrepreneur does not know these particularities is putting itself at risk and above all, putting at risk the future of the company.

In addition to paying undue taxes you may end up neglecting the discharge of essential tariffs and taxes. For example, do you know Sped and eSocial ? These are just two of many attributions to Brazilian entrepreneurs.

On the other hand, when management is integrated by an advanced system, all taxes, tariffs and taxes are generated automatically by a system that has the centralized information.

4 – Problems With Logistics And Transportation Of Products

It is fundamental to understand that every problem occurred in a supply chain is reflected in the end customer. If you have problems with logistics, supplier and customer in your company, know that this is a red light.

With the implementation of an integrated management system the entire supply chain is benefited. The delivery time decreases, the supplier will have true information and your customer will receive your order in a timely manner.

5 – Lack Of Transparency In The Individual Profitability Of Products

How to target business growth without the knowledge of business profitability? One way to measure profit is to conduct an individual analysis of products.

Knowing the profit of an item allows you to understand the values ​​assigned to it and enables adjustment if necessary. But without an integrating system the chances of knowing the real number are small.

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