Infamous by Ivy Wild PDF

Infamous by Ivy Wild PDF

Download Infamous by Ivy Wild PDF book free. They say fame is fickle and short-lived. For me, it proved truer than I ever imagined. Once hailed, now scorned – the world’s most disliked pop star. All I sought was a fresh start, a humble college degree, a simpler life. But fate had other plans, guiding me to intern at his empire.

He wasn’t the boy I remembered. The one who once claimed to love me when we were merely children. He is strong, formidable, a man craving control. Does that love still linger? He was determined. I was his to claim. And this time, he vowed not to let me go again. One city. Two intertwined lives. A quest for love and redemption. Between the ruins of my past and the promises of his present, I must find our future.

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