Industrial Strength C++ By Mats Henricson, Pdf

Industrial Strength C++ By Mats Henricson, Pdf

Download Industrial Strength C++ By Mats Henricson, Pdf book free online – from Industrial Strength C++ By Mats Henricson, Pdf book; Taking the point of view that good rules make good programs, this book presents proven strategies for using and programming in the C++ object-oriented language in the form of easy-to-follow lists of rules and recommendations.

This book greatly expands the public domain “Ellemtel” C++ coding standard. Guidelines have been carefully selected and consisely formulated to define a C++ coding standard that should be valid and usable for almost all programmers. Text and code examples explain each individual rule and recommendation.

Adopting this book as the company C++ coding standard helps remove an obstacle when trying to be certified for ISO 9000 or CMM.

The book covers naming conventions, code organization, resource management, class interface design, object-oriented programming, conversions, error handling, portability, coding style.

In some countries such comments may not be necessary to protect your code. It is however a good idea to put such a comment into your code anyway. If nothing else, the copyright notice serves as a reminder, and it says where the code came from in the first place. It can sometimes also be useful to know who is the author(s) of a source file. Suppose you have found a bug


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