Indebted by Ainsley St Claire PDF

Indebted by Ainsley St Claire PDF

Download Indebted by Ainsley St Claire PDF book free online. Jaxson Bancroft, the billionaire CEO of Honeycomb Games, finds himself entangled in a scandalous breakup that threatens his company’s reputation and impending IPO. Desperate to salvage his business, he hatches a daring plan: a fake engagement. But there’s only one woman who ignites his fire—the smart and alluring Harper Lockwood, his dedicated assistant who refuses to be fooled.

As Jaxson wields his billionaire status and endless resources to convince Harper of their compatibility, lines blur between what’s real and what’s for show. With an electrifying chemistry simmering between them, their professional arrangement takes an unexpected turn. Yet, Jaxson remains steadfast in his resolve not to succumb to love, haunted by the ghosts of his past.

Meanwhile, revenge unfolds, as Jaxson, Grayson Blackstone, and Nick Maywood embark on a relentless pursuit to avenge the theft of Quick Reels by the ruthless Zach Villefort. Harper stands by Jaxson’s side, they both grapple with their growing feelings and the dangerous game they’ve embarked upon.

In Indebted, author Ainsley St Claire weaves a tale of fake engagements, sizzling office romance, and the exhilaration of forbidden desire. Will Jaxson and Harper succumb to their undeniable connection and find true love amidst the charade? Can they outsmart their nemesis and reclaim what was stolen from them? Prepare for a roller coaster of emotions and unexpected twists in this contemporary romance that will leave you breathless.

Download Indebted by Ainsley St Claire PDF

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