Immortals’ Requiem by Vincent Bobbe

Immortals' Requiem by Vincent Bobbe

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They are the dreams and nightmares of humanity, the ancient seeds of fairy-tale and superstition. These are the Immortals, creatures of magic that should live forever… and they are fading.

When a horror two thousand years dead returns to contemporary England, creatures long thought lost to myth and legend collide in a scramble for survival that could tumble civilisation back into the dark ages of blood and death.

Immortals’ Requiem is a Tolkienesque grimdark fantasy based in both a modern day city and vast supernatural worlds. If you like the idea of a drunken elf with a shotgun, an ancient warrior with a chainsaw and a whole host of violent supernatural beings you’ll love this gritty Amazon bestseller.

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  • Voted “Book Of The Year 2018” by the members of
  • An Amazon Number 1 Bestseller
  • Winner Of The Readers Favorite 5* Award
  • Indie Reader Approved Award
  • Editors Pick Winner
  • OnlineBookClub.Org 4/4 Winner

Read if you enjoy authors such as Glen Cook, George R.R. Martin, Michael Moorcock, Joe Abercrombie, Steven Erikson, Mark Lawrence, Scott Lynch, Richard K. Morgan, Joss Whedon etc.

Content Advisory: This book is a dark fantasy intended for mature audiences and at times contains scenes of graphic violence.

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Praise For Immortals’ Requiem
  • “The author’s world creation abilities are simply second to none and his descriptions of the Immortals and their lands are incredible and interesting. Any reader who loves fiction, fantasy, adventure or thrills should absolutely read Immortals’ Requiem!”
    Tracy A. Fischer, Readers’ Favorite
  • “This book is hard to put down! It’s a rollicking ride on a terrifying adventure. Vampires, zombies and shapeshifters, oh my! Vincent Bobbe weaves modern day reality with a bloody, harsh fantasy!”
    Huge Orange Publication Review
  • “Immortals’ Requiem is a book that I enthusiastically recommend to fantasy readers. Vincent Bobbe is a gifted storyteller – the ease with which he explains events is flawless. His descriptions of different scenes are exceptionally vivid, and his world-building ability is remarkable. I pictured the settings with absolute clarity, and it has been a long time since I have felt so involved in an original world.”
    Online Book Club Publication Review
  • “The eternal struggle between good and evil receives the fully fantastical treatment it deserves in IMMORTALS’ REQUIEM, an erudite and entertaining dark fantasy.”
    Indie Reader

Editorial Reviews

Review of Immortals’ Requiem by Vincent Bobbe

“I liked…..NO! I LOVED this book! If there were a ten star system i’d give it a 15!”
Kellies Reading Nook“I have read many books and this is up there as one of my favourites.The only downside to this book is that it had to end. If you haven’t got this book already then make it the next thing you do, you wont bedisappointed.”
Whispering Stories
“I am so sad that this book is finished. It has given me a book hangover that I feel will last a while. What an amazing ride Mr Bobbe has taken me on with this tremendous story. Immortals’ Requiem is a book that I enthusiastically recommend to dark fantasy readers.”
Online Book Club“I can’t stress to you enough how much I enjoyed this book – seriously,it’s that good, you need to give it a try. I didn’t expect such an epic masterpiece of a story that absolutely blew me away!”
All Things Dark &Dirty
“The world building in this otherworldly book is nothing less than brilliant. He has taken the fae world and put it all into one outstanding book. Immortals’ Requiem is unlike anything I have ever read!”
Artisan Book Reviews“I thought that this was going to be a run of the mill fantasy. Since I like fantasy, I figured why not, the worst thing is that this book is a cookie cutter vampire / shifter / zombie novel. Well, wasn’t I super wrong. Immortals’ Requiem was like nothing I have read before! Let’s put it this way, I loved this book.”
Read With Me 2018“This fantastic read had me enthralled from the first page to the very last!”
Honest Book Reviews“If you love dark fantasy novels this is a masterpiece that you don’t want to pass up.”
The All Night Library“This week I read ‘Immortals’ Requiem’, last week ‘Pachinko’, and the week before ‘Eleanor Oliphant is completely fine’. One is just being published, one is a New York Times bestseller, and the other is a Number One Sunday Times bestseller. All three are great books, albeit different genres. If I didn’t already know which were the bestsellers, I wouldn’t be able to tell you which is which!”
Avid Reader, Amazon UK Top 500 Reviewer.“Gripping and totally absorbing, somehow reminding me of early fantasy writers like ER Eddison & Lord Dunsany… Vincent Bobbe is one to watch!”
Tony Watson, Vine Voice“Bobbe’s debut story packs a punch, and it really has you worried for the characters he’s created. This tale has real stakes, and you’re always looking to see what happens next.”
Tellest“Well-written and recommended for mature fans of supernatural fiction and dark urban fantasy. It’s a rollicking ride on a terrifying adventure.”
HUGEOrange“In this epic fantasy novel, Bobbe shows what it means to actually give up everything for the sake of a world you might not even believe in.”
hollieshappinessandhealing“If you like fantasy with a Celtic and antiquity tinge and a hint of Game of Thrones you’ will definitely enjoy this.”
Ruth Finnegan, multi-award author“Suffice to say that while I’m not normally a fan of zombie / vampire / werewolf stories, Immortals’ Requiem captured my attention from the beginning and held it all the way to the conclusion. This one is well worth the price of admission.”
R.S.Leergaard Blog“This is an incredible story and is easily worth the 5/5 Star Rating.”
Todd Simpson, Top 50 Reviewer“When I began reading, I wasn’t sure what I was getting into. Before I knew it I was in a full-fledged dark fantasy tale set in modern London with a drunken elf reluctantly leading the charge! Profane, violent and fun to read.”
DaveCarver, Amazon Top Contributor: Fantasy Books“Give yourself a treat and a challenge and take a look!”
Kate’s Titles“This is the type of book that anyone who loves horror, fantasy, myths or legends would love to read. I am a big fan of fantasy and I really love this book!”
Lisa Jane, Hub Pages“If you enjoy the supernatural, grimdark fantasy or myth, then this is a must-read. This is my first, but not my last fantasy novel, thanks to the author.”
Lesley Jones, Readers’ Favorite

From the Author

                 A huge thank you for taking the time (which so few of us have these days!) to read my book. I do sincerely hope you enjoyed it. This is the first step in a fantastic journey that I do not want to end!
With your support, I can continue to plumb the depths of the Immortals’ Requiem universe … and I can guarantee that there are things down there that would make even Cú Roí tremble!
If you’d like to come and say hello and have a

Thanks again, you guys are amazing!

– Vincent            

Review of Immortals’ Requiem by Vincent Bobbe

Immortals’ Requiem is a story that centres around five individuals whose paths intertwine as they all search for Cú Roí ‘The Miracle Child’, who has set out to seize control of their civilisation and destroy all humanity in the process.

On our journey we meet vampires, werewolves, elves, shadow like creatures and a human who has lived for over 2000 years, along with many other immortal and supernatural beings, in the fight of good vs evil.

I have read many books in my time and as most of us probably do, I tend to stick to a particular genre as I know it is a story I will more than likely enjoy. Immortals’ Requiem is a fantasy book; not something I would usually pick up but I thought I would give it a try as the blurb sounded quite interesting. I’m very glad I did.

The story was gripping from start to finish, I found myself getting so involved in the book that I nearly warned my husband to look out for any vampires that may be lurking about. The story had everything you look for in a book, I laughed, I cried and was on tenterhooks the whole time. I enjoyed and cared for the characters and hoped the bad guys got what was coming to them. The only downside to this book is that it had to end.

If you enjoyed Lord of the Rings then you will love this book, if you didn’t enjoy Lord of the Rings, I still think you should give this a try.

If you haven’t got this book already then make it the next thing you do, I’m sure you wont be disappointed. I have read many books and this is up there as one of my favourites. I give this book a 5 out of 5 and am looking forward to any future works by this author.

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About the Author

Vincent Bobbe is nearly forty years old. When he was about ten, he tripped on an Edgar Rice Burroughs novel and fell into his own brain. He’s not quite managed to climb out yet, because the things that found him in there keep clawing him back in. He’s happily married with two young children and lives in Manchester, England. His wife is horrifically allergic to pretty much everything, so he doesn’t have any pets. This suits him.

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