Immortal Promise: A Vampire Love Story By Wards Pdf

Immortal Promise: A Vampire Love Story By L. R. Wards Pdf

Download Immortal Promise: A Vampire Love Story By Wards Pdf book free online – from Immortal Promise: A Vampire Love Story By Wards Pdf book; Raised and trained to lead his race, Lucas was a vampire. He had given up on love and resolved to the ensure survival of his kind. Until he met innocent Medical student, Elsa. From then his entire purpose had changed, he now desperately had to make her his own.

VIOLET-BLUE EYES watched the amber liquid swirl in the thick crystal glass. Every now and then they shifted to the busy boulevard outside the limousine. He smiled to himself; it was a typical Friday night in Los Angeles everyone and their dog were out tonight. That’s one of the reasons Lucas liked living here because the only difference between the night and day was the light. Then the crowds would shift from the streets to the clubs and provided him the cover he needed.

Lucas was on his way to a late gathering himself. He took a drink from the glass and shifted gaze shifted to a group of four young men walking along the sidewalk, obviously with too much liquor in them by the way they clung to each other to keep themselves upright. He gave a faint smile at the lewd whoops and hollers they emitted as they passed by a group of young ladies. Physically Lucas looked about their age, when in fact he was much older. Usually he liked to enjoy life the way they were, but unlike that group he didn’t intend to enjoy himself tonight. It would be business meeting not a social event. Normally, he did attend public appearances and social events to keep suspicions’ eyes looking in the other direction because he’d built up quite the name for himself over the years and reclusive tycoons were targets for bloodthirsty journalists. This didn’t mean he still wasn’t in the camera lens, but it kept most sneaking paparazzi out of his bushes. The other reason, and main reason why he kept a false front, was much darker.

His father, Valear frowned on his career choice, telling him that he drew too much attention to himself, but Lucas couldn’t cut off all contact with the population as Valear and the rest have. His own kind wasn’t enough for him. What he and the others didn’t understand was that he still needed to be around them. It was a grave recognition of his last coveted grip on mortality and he refused to let it go.

In the past, Lucas had been criticized for being sympathetic towards them, which wasn’t far from the truth. Although he never harbored any ill will towards the race, he did not see them as a mere means of survival either. Humanity had endless reasons for why he wanted to remain attached to them and even though his father may not have liked his reasons for walking among the living, at least he never forbade him to do it.

Lucas turned his gaze to his companion across from him. Originally given to him as a gift from his father as a Protector, Lucas also considered him a close friend. Although Lucas loved his father, and would give his life for him, he didn’t completely trust him. Jason on the other hand, was the only one that Lucas trusted implicitly with his dark secrets and his life even if he was a ruthless predator.

Right then, Jason turned his attention to Lucas and cocked his head in question as he felt his eyes on him, “What is it?”

Lucas silently shook his head indicating it was nothing, before returning his bluish-purple stare to the lighted busy streets outside and let his thoughts roam again. It had been centuries since he had savored daylight, but his world was now lived in darkness. More than seven hundred years had passed since that fateful night. He could still easily remember the terror he’d felt upon seeing Valear for the first time. It was a horror that could not easily be forgotten. Seeing Valear’s terrifying form in the moonlight would have stopped the most fearless of men in their tracks frozen with fear. However, Valear brought him a new life and opened up an unthinkable world to him. He never regretted it or Valear because he was young and was the victim of a quicker sword on the battlefield. He wasn’t ready to die. Of course he also didn’t expect to live as long as he did either.

Valear had a way of eliminating those who gain too much power and are stupid enough to try and overthrow him. Lucas never had that ambition and therefore outlived his brothers. Maybe it had something to do with the love he had for Valear and the thought of losing him, horrified him. Living as long as he did gave him the opportunity to learn so many things and he still yearned to learn more. He’d mastered a multitude of different languages, some now extinct, played many different musical instruments, studied with world renown scholars and lived and traveled all over the world. Valear had told him once that the urge to know everything will stop after a few hundred years, but it never did. He was still just as eager today. Religion fascinated him most of all, especially when there are thousand year wars being waged in the name of God. Such hypocrites, He thought.

He was distracted from his thoughts as he saw Jason glance over his shoulder at the driver. His protector was hungry. Lucas knew he wouldn’t harm the man, he needed Lucas’ approval. Jason’s kind was fiercely loyal and that’s what made his race ideal to protect Vampires.

No one knew how long werewolves protected their race, but they weren’t like the books written about them. Jason used to get angry at some of the presumptions, but now he just accepted them stating the human race was just stupid. Although Lucas did understand his frustration, the human race was na?ve, because they didn’t live as long as he did to gain the intellect they possessed. Jason only scoffed when he relayed this to him, making him smile. He had expected that. Jason was arrogant, and rightly so. His skills were virtually unsurpassable and his intolerance for anything superior to him was common to the breed for they weren’t just predators, they were a highly intelligent race and the books written about them never portrayed that.


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