Ideas of Good and Evil By William Butler Yeats PDF

Download Ideas of Good and Evil By William Butler Yeats PDF book free online – From Ideas of Good and Evil By William Butler Yeats PDF: What is ‘Popular Poetry‘? Speaking to the Psaltery Magic The Happiest of the Poets The Philosophy of Shelley’s Poetry At Stratford-On-Avon William Blake and the Imagination William Blake and his Illustrations to The Divine Comedy Symbolism in Painting The Symbolism of Poetry The Theatre The Celtic Element in Literature The Autumn of the Body The Moods The Body of the Father Christian Rosencrux The Return of Ulysses Ireland and the Arts The Galway Plains Emotion of Multitude.

Wherever the rhythm was most delicate, wherever the emotion was most ecstatic, her art was the most beautiful, and yet, although she sometimes spoke to a little tune, it was never singing, as we sing today, never anything but speech. A singing note, a word chanted as they chant in churches, would have spoiled everything; nor was it reciting, for she spoke to a notation as definite as that of song, using the instrument, which murmured sweetly and faintly, under the spoken sounds, to give her the changing notes. Another speaker could have repeated all her effects, except those which came from her own beautiful voice that would have given her fame if the only art that gives the speaking voice its perfect opportunity were as well known among us as it was known in the ancient world.


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