I Spell Trouble A Lily Sweet Bettina M Johnson PDF 

Download I Spell Trouble A Lily Sweet Bettina M Johnson PDF book free. Everything’s coming up roses! So why does Lily Sweet expect the worst? Something isn’t sitting right with Lily. Everything is back to normal…or so it seems on the surface, despite the continued mayhem of having her magic run amok, with disastrous results! But something is causing Lily to suspect this is only the calm before the storm.

Lily’s concern is proven right. Especially when another body turns up…and this one has ties to the life she’d left behind in New York State. Desperately trying to solve this murder in time to welcome her parents home has Lily calling in the usual suspects to aid her on this quest…only things seems to be strained between her and Lorcan. Considering she found him yet again running to aid the wretched Deputy Tiffany Clarkson who’d like nothing more than to break up the pair of lovebirds. When Lily’s parents return home a day early, Lily once again has cause for alarm. For isn’t that darkness coiling around inside her father and peeking out through his eyes? What’s that about? As things come to a head, and Lily gets closer to solving another murder, it looks like decisions will have to be made in a hurry so the evil an be contained and someone she loves doesn’t fall to dark magic…or an errant bullet! Will Lily save the day once more? Find out in Book 8 of The Lily Sweet Briar Witch Mysteries


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