How Zelda Married Death by Audrey Rose Pdf

Download How Zelda Married Death by Audrey Rose Pdf.

For centuries, Death has only known the Work, the reaping and administrating of souls. Their routine is disrupted when a mortal named Zelda refuses to die and offers Death her hand instead.

With great befuddlement, Death accepts.

Husband and wife have little in common. Death is grim (ha!) and work-oriented, perplexed by the intricacies of relationships. Zelda is beautiful and can do no wrong. (She’s also quite good at hijacking blurbs.) As Death and Zelda navigate their unconventional marriage, the affection between them grows, resulting in a relationship that is as sweet as it is whimsical.

HOW ZELDA MARRIED DEATH is a low-plot novella that mixes fantasy, romance and comedy. Perfect for a quick, sweet and funny read!


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