How to write MBA essay

How to write MBA essay

An essay is a written work that a prospective MBA student writes. The essay is a creative response to a question posed by the school. Although the work is creative, it has its own goals and structure.

The purpose of the essay is to expose the topic based on the arguments. Arguments need to be supported by examples.

The classic structure of an essay is:

  • introduction (question, immersion into the situation, quotation, etc.),
  • the main part (disclosure of the topic set in the introduction),
  • conclusion (lessons and conclusions, forecasts, etc.).

 The essay is part of the package of documents that the student submits to the business school. And most experts agree that the essay is the most important component of the application. Within the text, the future student can not only show how he or she can present thoughts competently and logically but also show himself or herself as a personality. Usually, the candidate tries to stand out among the competitors for a place in the class at the expense of the essay, to emphasize their strengths.

The essay should be vivid, integral, and lively, such that the school decides in favor of the candidate.

Thus, when writing an essay for admission to an MBA program, the candidate faces two main tasks:

1) Convince the admissions committee that he or she is worthy of admission.

2) To personalize and “liven up” his application, to demonstrate that he is not just another “standard” applicant.

So make sure that your essay is really about you; that it gives a sense that there is a real person behind this packet of documents with their desires, hopes, dreams, goals, and ambitions. The admissions committee needs to see what motivates you, what makes you stand out from the crowd, and what you want to be. Your #1 priority is to explain how much getting into this particular business school means to you, and what you can offer from your end. To ensure the quality of your essay, you can request to edit my paper on the professional writing service.

Number and length of essays

In the application packet, you usually need to submit between 2 and 12 essays.

They range in length from 250 to 900 words each. Usually, the larger the number of essays, the longer they are. And vice versa. However, there are exceptions to this rule.

Types of essays

Traditionally, three types of essays are distinguished:

1) MBA and EMBA essays. The so-called classic essays (Essays) on a school-defined topic.

2) Masters and PhD essays (Personal Statement – Statement of Purpose/Statement of Intent). The university may give a specific essay topic, or ask you to explain your purpose and reasons for choosing this particular institution and program.

3) Application form essays. These are short essay responses on the application form.

What to write about in the essay

Based on your resume, your essay seeks to answer the following questions for schools:

  • Are you trying to cope with unemployment and lack of career advancement with an MBA?
  • Are your goals achievable and realistic?
  • Can you critically evaluate yourself?
  • Can you articulate your goals coherently/sequentially/accessibly?
  • Will your experience be useful to fellow students?
  • What will you give to the school as a graduate?
  • Will your resume be of interest to employers?

The main requirements for the essay are

Adherence to the length

 The assigned length should not be exceeded. First, if you enter the essay in a special field, the text over the specified length may simply be cut off, making it incomplete. Secondly, the committee may decide that you are unable to adhere to the general rules. The golden rule when writing is to strictly adhere to the given volume, not allowing it to exceed +/- 10% of the specified number of words.


Several schools have font requirements. If the requirements are not voiced, then use the most common fonts. Size – at least 10, but no more than 14.

Line spacing

Note if there is information from the school on this requirement.


Slang, abbreviations, jargon, vernacular, and profanity should be avoided. The use of professional vocabulary is also undesirable, as it may be unfamiliar to the admissions representative. Don’t worry if you have trouble with writing assignments. Turn to an experienced writer at the best college essay writing service that will help you cope with the task.


The essay should be based on real examples and situations. Abstraction and long philosophical arguments are not allowed.

5 tips for those who write essays

1.     The essay should contain an answer to the question asked. There is nothing worse than a “blank” essay. So test yourself by having someone read your essay and then guess/guess what the original question was. Feel free to use the best writing services if you need help.

2.     Visit the campus – and talk about your experiences and what drew you in. Share what you learned on campus. Your goal is to demonstrate that you have a great idea of what your life will be like when you attend this particular business school and are confident that it will make you successful.

3.     Think about what would highlight your uniqueness. Perhaps some unusual hobby or work experience? You can always think of at least 5 things that make you stand out from the crowd.

4.     Don’t write about other people in your essay. Even if you answer the question of which successful/influential people you would like to have lunch within your essay, always keep the focus on yourself.

5.     And a few more “don’ts.” Don’t praise the school: believe me, they know enough about how good they are. Don’t repeat yourself. Don’t belittle other people or organizations. Don’t complain about obstacles in your way and don’t blame others. Don’t send out standardized emails-it’s immediately obvious. And the last “golden rule” is don’t lie. Stay who you are. You must recognize yourself in your work, your strengths and accomplishments, your path, and your ambitions.


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