How to Write an Application Letter

Most people express their emotions and thoughts through letter writing. But do you know, aside from the informal way of communicating with people, you can formally communicate? You can write an application letter formally communicating your capabilities.

The difference here is, you are writing an application letter to formally apply for a job or the latter while communicating your emotions is informal writing to someone you know or are related to.

So in this article, we will be looking at what letter writing is and how to write an application letter.

How to Write an Application Letter

What is letter writing?

First, a letter is a message conveyed through a medium from one person to another. It can be handwritten or printed. 

Letter writing is the exchange of printed or written messages. It is sent to the recipient via mail or post in an envelope. 

In our present age, Emails and text have become the norm now the art of letter writing has taken a backseat.

But even today, a lot of communication is done with letters, especially formal letters. If it is a cover letter for a job, bank statement, college acceptance letter, it is important you know in and out of letter writing as it is an important mode of communication.

What is an application letter

Do you know that an application letter is also known as a cover letter?

To write an application letter, you need to know there are key steps to writing an application letter.

First, an application letter is a document submitted to an employer to express your interest in available positions. 

To impress your potential employer, you need to write an application letter stating your professional goals, your aspirations which should be in line with the company’s goals and objectives. and also showcase your strengths.

Application letter Tips

For you to write an application letter that is top-notch, you should follow the tips below

~ Emphasize your abilities:

To write an application letter is a great opportunity to sell yourself. Include data that supports your claim in that written letter. State situations where you were able to apply your skills to the benefit of that organization 

~ Be concise:

Don’t be tempted to apply a lot of detail about yourself. A brief letter is appealing.

~ Proofread your letter:

Make sure your letter is free of grammatical errors. 

~ Review job listing keywords:

Some job listings include abilities they want applicants to have. So when you want to write an application letter, include such keywords in it.

~ Send out your letter to positions you want to apply to:

For any job you want to apply for, you should send your application letter. Only if a job listing requires you not to send such.

How to write an application letter

Before you write an application letter, you need to be aware of this

~ Review information about the company and position:

You can spend time reviewing the company by visiting their website. You can compare your qualifications with what they need to know if you are the right fit. 

~ Open the letter by describing your interest:

When you want to write an application letter, state the job title first and where you saw the job listing. Then include your interest in the company and the role you want to apply for. It will draw the attention of the reader.

~ Outline your qualification and experience:

It’s important to state your qualifications and experience as it relates to the job position.

~ Include your personality:

As you write an application letter, while remaining professional, don’t forget to attach aspects of your personality. You can explain how great you are at managing or ensuring client satisfaction.

~ Be appreciative:

Before you drop your pen, express your appreciation to the manager for reviewing your letter and considering you for the position.

~ Close the letter:

Before submitting the hard copy of the letter, attach your signature above your name. When submitting through the mail, attach your contact beneath your name.


  1. What is the format of letter writing?

Business letters generally include the following: a return address (letterhead or your name and address), a date, an inside address (the recipient’s name and address), a salutation, and a closing. This data can be formatted, however.

  1. What is a formal letter in English?

Typically, formal letters follow certain formal and ceremonious guidelines and are written in a formal style. Typically, one would write such a letter to a senior official, an authority figure, peers or colleagues instead of friends or family members.


It’s not only about being excited about a job opening but knowing how to write an application letter to secure you that opportunity you want. 

Pay attention to the key details required of you in that application letter. 

Know how to format your letter to make it appealing and also get a hold of some job applications templates. It also helps.

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