How to Write a Book for Beginners (2020 Best Guide)

How to write a book for Beginners

Here is a comprehensive guide on How to Write a Book for Beginners and steps to writing a book.

Do you know that every book lover that knows how to read and understand faster can easily write a book, even if you are a beginner?

Yes, of course, and you can also publish your book for free if you know How to Write a Book.

Either as an amateur or professional writer who wishes to let the world know about your thoughts, stories, or ideas through writing a book.

Then, there are certain required steps you need to know. These are steps to writing a book.

Follow me; let’s quickly see this step-by-step process on How to write a book for beginners in 2020.

How to Write a Book for Beginners (Best Guide)

Below here are the fundamental steps to follow if you want to know How to write a book.

1. What is Your Book All About

Before getting started in writing a book, you need to decide what the book is all about. Your book must be about something.

You can do this by setting out your book’s main idea, stretch out the paragraphs, outline, table of contents, and chapters of your book.

Also, make sure to draft out the beginning, middle, and end sections of your book.

2. Set How Many Words to Write Daily

This is one of the fantastic steps to writing a book. It would help if you took notes and set out how many words to write every day for your book.

You don’t need to write a lot or write the whole book one day; you only need to write regularly.

Setting a daily goal of how many words or pages to write for your book writing will make you focused on achieving something. 

Hence, make it small and achievable to hit your daily goal until you make something big.

3. Set a Time for Working on Your Book Daily

As a beginner or Pro writer, looking for writing a book in 7 days or so, you need to be consistent in writing.

You need to set a time to work on your book every day to help you meet your daily deadline.

You can take a day off to relax but make sure to have a daily schedule and never let a deadline pass you by.

4. Set Aside a Place to Write Every Time

Here, you don’t need to write in any random place you see; instead, you write in one place every time.

Set aside a particular location or place to stay and write your book every time, ensuring that the place is very comfortable for you.

This can be on a desk, restaurant, workplace, or corner in your room, but make sure it is different from where you do other activities.

Setting aside this place will keep you in mind of your commitment to finish the book and ready to work. So you have to start writing.

5. Set the Number of Words for Your Book

When writing a book, you need to set the total word count for your book, bearing in mind the beginning and end of your book.

You can set aside some thousands of words for your book and break into chapters and equal sections.

  • Ten thousand words can be for a pamphlet, short novel, or business white paper book.
  • Twenty thousand words can be for e-books or manifestos etc.
  • 40,000 – 60,000 words can be for a novella, standard non-fiction books, etc.
  • 60,000 – 80,000 words can be for standard lengthy novels, long non-fiction books, etc.
  • 80,000 – 100,000 words and above can be for long epic novels, academic books, biography, etc.

Take note of all these, and it will help you write or make a perfect book for your readers and to more targeted users.

6. Set Weekly Deadlines for Yourself

As a writer who wants to write a book and publish it right on time, you need to give yourself deadlines for your book writings.

Set aside weekly goal deadlines for your book and putting in the daily commitments to achieve your weekly goals.

7. Get Feedbacks from People

In writing your book(s), make sure to get early feedback from users or readers even before publishing it.

You can give out a copy of your writings or book to someone, friends, family, or editors to review and give you their honest feedback.

Getting their feedback can help you discern what is worth writing and make sure you’re headed in the right direction.

8. Commit to Publishing

Now, you are getting closer to be done and end the book writing process. But next is to publish and let the world know about it.

In all circumstances, finish the book, then release it to the world by Publishing on Amazon.

Try your best to get your book in front of people and don’t quit after writing a book, which is the worst case.

Even if you don’t know how to publish, here is a detailed guide on How to publish your book for free.

9. Don’t Be Disappointed

As you end your book writing project, keep in mind that failures and disappointments may come.

Either as beginner or Pro book writer, this stage will surely come. But be okay and don’t be disappointed.

Give yourself grace and give it time; this will help you keep on going.

10. You can Write another Book

Most writers and authors lose focus and give up after writing their first book. Yes, it happens, and I have been there.

See, without writing that first book, you won’t learn the lessons and strategies involved.

So, all you need is to write and get your book out there, fail and try again and again.

This will help to make you better while you keep writing and show up every day.


In summary, I believe you learned the necessary steps to writing a book and how to start.

This is all you need to know on How to Write a Book for Beginners in 2020.

Now, go out there and get to work right away.

Thank you!

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