How To Self Publish a Book

As a new author, you can self-publish your book. This is one of the ways you can get your ideas globally known. With the availability of the internet, you can self-publish your book online sharing a piece from your wealth of knowledge as an author.

You can self-publish your book without breaking the bank. You only need to have an idea, outline it and package it to sell as an ebook or as print.

How To Self Publish a Book

In this article, we will answer the question of self-publishing and how to self-publish a book.

What is Self-Publishing?

Self-Publishing is the act of publishing a piece of work independently at one’s expense.

It’s a way authors get their creative work published themselves without the help of the traditional publisher.

In order to self publish your book, authors must first write the book, produce the manuscript, edit, design the interior and exterior, package, market and sell the books. 

They provide funds for the design and marketing campaigns and they also decide how many copies to print.

To save cost, most authors today prefer e-book publishing to print. It has been made easy to self-publish your book due to a large number of readers. With the mobile device, laptop or PC which is handy today, self-publishing has been made easy.

Benefits of self-publishing

You have the right and also in full control to self-publish your book. You can be creative with your work and you reap from it yourself. 

Below are few benefits to publishing your book

~ You retain full control of your book

~ As an Independent author, you earn high royalty rates

~ Once the manuscript is completed, it takes few hours to publish your book in digital stores

~ You make a name for yourself by self-publishing your book.

Disadvantages of Self-Publishing

As there are advantages to self-publishing your book, there are also disadvantages to it. Below are few disadvantages

  • There is less visibility unlike if the project was given to traditional publishers who create a higher platform for their writers.
  • To self publish your book, all cost rest on your shoulders¬†
  • There is also no support system, unlike the traditional publishers who have a team and resources to help support your book.
  • It will be difficult to get your books in major bookstores as a self-published author.

How to self publish your book

To self-publish a book has been made easy for us as one can easily pen down ideas and share them globally. 

Before you self publish that book, you need to be aware of why you are writing the book and who the book is for. 

Few steps to follow to self publish your book is

1.  Write your book:

Before you self publish your book, you need to first draft out an outline of your book. This will also depend if you are writing nonfiction, fiction or memoir. 

Then establish a writing schedule in order to write and complete your book.

2. Edit your manuscript:

You can self-edit your work to ensure basic mistakes are taken off from your book before handing it over to an editor to work on.

3. Design the book cover and interior:

Self-published authors rely on book designs in order to make more sales. As you self-publish your book, ensure the book cover design is top-notch. Also, ensure the interiors are formatted nicely.

4. Self publish as an ebook or print book:

You can self publish your book with KDP (Amazon Kindle Publishing). 

You can upload your book on Amazon. Readers can choose an ebook or have a print version of your book through Amazon.

Print on Demand:

With Kindle Direct Publishing or IngramSpark printing services, copies can be printed for individuals when purchased. You only need to upload your book files to the printing service.

5. Master the Kindle Store:

Though you want to self publish your book, you need to be aware that it’s not just in uploading your book on Amazon. You need to learn how to effectively use Amazon in order to drive sales to your book. 

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6. Market your book:

Asides from writing your book, you need to learn how to promote your book to drive sales. You can use online advertising, create an email list to help you promote the book.

7. Create a launch plan:

This will also help promote your book. Get together a launch team, also plan on reviews from readers after the release of your book.

Work together with the team to ensure a successful launch.


  1. Is it bad to self-publish a book?

There are fewer quality books published by self-publishers. It’s not true. It means they are going to probably make money. There is a high quality of literary books, but they are not that popular. In addition, readers are unlikely to be as loyal to the book as those that read crime, fantasy, or romance.

  1. Can you self publish for free?

Many companies offer free self-publishing for ebooks if that’s all you want. It is certainly possible to publish a paperback or hardcover book for free, but each copy will cost you. So many options make it easy to find the right solution for you.


There is a lot to put together when it comes to how to self-publish your book. It will need your attention to details, time, and money. But it is worth sharing your idea with the world at large and earning as well.

The journey to self-publishing your book might not be easy at first but surrounding yourself with the right people and preparing yourself could make it one of the best experiences in your life.


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