How to Read and Download Books Safely Online

Online reading has become a popular hobby in the modern world, but it comes with some risks. While downloading a copy from an online library may seem harmless enough, it could be a potential hazard if the file is infected with malware. To avoid this risk, one should always read and download novels from reputable websites that offer free e-books.

Online reading is in trend because of the convenience of having access to thousands of publications at one’s fingertips. There are many websites for the best free books online read. So, now people can read any books online from anywhere with just an internet connection. They can also download a copy with a book downloader online. 

Users often ask us questions like:

  • Is downloading books online safe?
  • Where I can read books online for free?

We’ll answer these questions shortly in this article. So, stay tuned!!

What Are The Best Websites For Reading & Downloading E-books For Free?

There are many websites, but only a few are reputable, and users should visit only those sites that are secure for novel reading. Some of them are the following:

Open Library:

Open Library is one of the best ebook sites online. It is one of the most extensive Internet Archives that contain millions of publications to read completely for free. People can find all kinds of publications from here like Fiction, Romantic, Fantasy, History, Biography, and so on.

It is a one-page website, and you can find any publication by just entering the novel or author name in the search box. Users have options to download copies in different formats like PDF, MOBI, EPUB, and DJVU.

Project Gutenberg:

Project Gutenberg is another free website for reading novels online. It has a collection of over 60,000 volumes and is still counting. It has a very simple and easy-to-use website that doesn’t require any information from people. They don’t even need users to register their accounts there.

People can find all types of works from history to science fiction, every kind of publication is available here. They are all free to read and download in different formats like Kindle, EPUB, HTML, MOBI, and in simple text. People can find some classic novels on Project Gutenberg. Use the “bookshelves” option for easy browsing.


Bookboon is a free plus paid website for reading and downloading publications online. There are thousands of copies available from every category. In addition, there are also educational books available for free. So, if you are a student looking for free ebooks, this is the place.

People can sign up for their free plan and access 1000 free ebooks written by top university professors. They can also download copies in PDF format after registering themselves. The main focus of Bookboon is on educational and business publications. And people can find them in different languages other than English like Danish, German, Dutch, Spanish, Finnish, Norwegian, etc.

PDF Books World:

Looking for a platform where you can get free PDF ebooks? PDF Books World is the answer. People can read and download PDF copies at zero cost means it’s free. They can find educational, fictional, and non-fictional stuff easily. 

There are thousands of magazines available for free and also well categorized. So, users can easily browse and search for them. 


Bookyards is the last website on our list today. It is another free platform to get not only ebooks but also audiobooks. People can find thousands of publications based on different genres, including technology, science, fiction, fantasy, biography, etc.

Bookyards also allow people to publish their own books for free. So, there are both options; either user can publish or download pdfs.

person holding black Amazon Kindle e-book reader

The answer to the first part, whether it’s safe or not, entirely depends on people. If they are downloading from a reputable and known site, then it’s safe. Otherwise, if they are getting a paid copy for free from a random unknown site, then probably it’s not, as they can also get a hidden virus along with it. 

As we are talking about safety, it’s also essential to use a VPN. There are regions in the world that are restricted by some websites. So, people living in that restricted region need a site unblocker. Users may have a question here, “how to unblock a site?”

The answer is to use a secure and trusted VPN to access websites. We recommend VeePN as it’s a perfect site unblocker. People will not only get access to block websites, but they also can protect themselves from hacker’s attacks by hiding their original location and IP address. So, VeePN is a must-have VPN while browsing the internet and keep your information secret.

Now, coming to the second part, downloading copies is completely legal. However, it also depends on the country to the country. So, if your country has policies and declares them illegal, it’s illegal; otherwise, not. 

So, it is always recommended to pay for publications if people want a paid edition and buy from sites like Amazon. For free ebooks, check the reputable sites we mentioned above and download from there. Use a VPN and never compromise on your internet privacy; otherwise, you may end up losing your important information. 

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