How to Publish a Book on Amazon for Free in (2020)

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how to publish on Amazon

Here is a step-by-step guide on How to Publish a Book on Amazon for Free in 2020.

If you are looking for how to publish a book for free online, then consider publishing your book on Amazon Kindle.

Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing is one of the best publishing platforms where writers and authors get to upload and publish their books for free.

This Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) is very simple and easy to use for every user.

After writing your book, you don’t need to worry about publishing as the Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing is here to help you.

Once you publish your book on (KDP), it will appear on the Kindle store immediately and made available for people to read and download from any part of the world.

Maybe you are already done writing, editing, and formatting your book or ebook and you are now looking for how to publish it.

Today, I will share with you the complete process to publish your book and How to Publish a Book on Amazon for free.

Let’s get started now, follow me!

How to Publish a Book on Amazon for Free (20 Steps)

Below here are the 20 steps on how to publish a book on Amazon for Free in 2020.

Step 1:

First, go to the Amazon kindle website at and Sign Up, or if you already have an account, then you Sign In.

If this is your first time, quickly create an account on the Kindle Direct Publishing website, then sign in and visit your Dashboard.

Step 2:

On your KDP Dashboard, add a new title by clicking on “Create New Title”.

Once you click on it, you will be displayed with a Page having “Introducing KDP Select”.

Then, tick the option as to “Enroll this book in KDP Select”.

Step 3:

Next, enter your book details, this includes your book Title and Subtitle.

This will help tell your readers what your book/e-book is all about and what they will get by reading your book.

One important thing to note when choosing your title or subtitle is to use keywords people are searching for that is related to your book.

Step 4:

Next, enter your Book Descriptions. Write a very good captivating description of your book that will portray the idea of your book.

Make sure your book description is well written and interesting enough to engage with your readers.

Step 5:

The next thing here is to enter Book Contributors by clicking on the button “Add Contributors” to add yourself as the author.

Then, on the displayed page, enter your name and surname, and then choose the title as “Author”.

Step 6:

With your name as the Author, next thing is to Verify Your Publishing Rights, showing you own the publishing rights to your book.

Do this by ticking the second option as “This is not a public domain work and I hold the necessary publishing rights”.

Step 7:

Now, target your Book to Customers by adding the Categories. Click to “Add Categories”.

Add up to 2 or more categories for your book, and make sure to carefully add the categories on the ones with competing books and are performing well.

Next is to Choose Categories, and also choose up to 2 or more categories for your book, making sure that they are in a specific niche.

Step 8:

Now, here you select the Age Range for your book if applicable.

Hence, you can decide to leave the age range blank, except if it is a children’s book.

Step 9:

Here, you select “Search Keywords” by adding up to 7 keywords related to your book.

The search keywords will make users find your book when searching on Amazon for related keywords or topics.

Step 10: 

Next is to “Select Your Book Release Option” by making it available for pre-order or releasing it immediately.

In this case, I select the first option as “I am ready to release my book now” and make it available immediately.

Step 11: 

The next option is the “Upload or Create Your Book Cover”. 

Here, if you have your own professionally designed book cover then you can upload it by clicking on “Browse Image”.

If no book cover yet, then you can decide to create one for your book using the “Cover Creator” option and then upload it successfully.

Step 12: 

After uploading your book file, next is to “Select a digital rights management (DRM)” option.

Basically, (DRM) is just to determine if users or your book readers can be able to lend out your book to others.

You can learn more about digital rights management (DRM) by clicking on “What’s this?” by the side. 

Here, I choose “do not enable digital rights management”.

Step 13: 

Next thing is to choose the correct format you want to upload your book file with.

You can read this, to know the correct format to choose or you can choose any of the book formats below.

Once you choose the format you want, then wait to Convert Book to Kindle Format, then you can click to “preview” before you Save and Continue.

Step 14:

Moving on, next is to Verify Your Publishing Territories to show if you can distribute to worldwide or some certain territories.

Here, you select “Worldwide rights” territories.

Step 15:

Now, you have to “Set Your Pricing and Royalty”. You can set this depending on your goals, marketing, sales funnel.

You can check out these few info packs below to help you set the right pricing.

Step 16:

After setting the pricing, next is to enroll in the Kindle Matchbook by selecting the option and enroll.

This means that your book readers that already bought the hard copy version of your book get a discount on your kindle version.

This will also help to keep recurring customers and users abreast.

Step 17:

After selecting the Kindle Matchbook, move down and also select the “Kindle Book Lending”.

Selecting this will allow users or your book readers to lend out your book for 14 days. Hence, this will help in making your book known and bring in more customers to buy.

Step 18:

Now, you are almost done; quickly check all the boxes making sure you select both Kindle Matchbook and Kindle Book Lending.

Also, tick or check the box and agree to the terms & conditions and you comply with (KDP) Kindle Direct Publishing.

Then, finally, click on “Save and Publish”.

Step 19:

Once after you click on “Save and Publish”, Congratulations. Your Book is Publishing!

Your book will be (In Review) within 12 – 48 hours, and after review, your book will be live and made available in the Amazon Kindle Store.

Step 20:

Now, your book is Published! The next step is for you to get yourself out there and market your book by letting everyone know about it.

You have to get a good marketing plan and get prepared for it once your book is being published.

You can market and make sales for your book using different mediums either Organically, Paid Ads, Social Media Platforms, etc.

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So, that is all you need to know about How to Publish a Book on Amazon. It is very much easy, simple, and straightforward.

You don’t need anybody to publish your book for you, you can do it once you follow the above steps carefully.

It is time for you to take action now, write that your book and get it published on Amazon right away.

Thank you! 

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