How to Publish a Book for Free Online in 2020/2021

How to publish a book online for free

Here is the ultimate guide on How to Publish a Book for Free Online in 2020/2021.

I have a story to tell and ideas I want to share for people to know and not just that, but also to make myself known.

I already have those stories and ideas written down and still harboring some in my thoughts pending till when I will make it known.

But how do I let people know about this or is it possible to let the world know about this my wonderful stories and ideas?

Yes, of course, it is. One of the best ways to do that is by writing and publishing them in a Book.

However, maybe you don’t have any sponsors and resources on how to do that, you don’t need to worry.

Today on this page, I will show you the simple step-by-step guide on How to Publish a Book for Free Online in 2020.

This guide will help you to write and publish the book all by yourself and even get paid for it.

Are you ready to see them now? Read on.

10 Simple Steps on How to Publish a Book for Free Online

See the 10 simple steps to follow and publish a book online for free.

1. Your Book Ideas

Before you start writing and then publishing your book, you must first of all capture the raw ideas.

This idea can be centered on the purpose of the book or the journey of the characters in the book.

Hence, when making your book stories, make sure to spot out and align the ideas to properly fit in where necessary.

Doing this will help you when writing and as well for easy publishing of your book.

2. Writing Your Book

Now, your stories and ideas are set, next thing is to start writing the book. Perhaps, this might be a difficult step to take.

At this stage, it will require so much time and energy to get into writing your book.

Writing a book takes some sacrifice, dedication, and discipline to get what you want.

Hence, it is very much possible with tools and programs like Microsoft Word or Google Docs, which will help in saving your works instantly.

Make proper research and take your time to write your book very well before going ahead in publishing it.

3. Editing Your Book

If you know how to read and understand faster, then editing your book would be much easier for you.

Nevertheless, if you have the money to invest in the production of your book, you can go ahead to invest in it.

Hence, if you’re on a tight budget or don’t have any money at all, you can still read and edit your entire book all by yourself.

One of the tools that can help you in editing is Grammarly, this tool will help you detect and correct the basic errors and grammatical errors in your book writing.

4. Reading Your Book

Going on to publishing your book; first, make sure you’re not the only one who reads the book before publication.

You can ask some readers or friends to read the book and give you their thoughts about the book.

Doing this will help you realize some part of the book that is not necessary from the readers.

In most cases, you might not see that thing except someone else finds them for you and that is why you need people to read your book before you publish.

However, make sure you give out your book for review to someone who likes to read and enjoy the same book genre with you to get proper feedback.

5. Getting Your Book Format

Getting your book format is another important decision to make when it comes to publishing.

This happens when you wish to publish your book on different platforms as each platform has its different formatting ethics.

Your book format should be made simple and hence I recommend starting by uploading a simple e-book on Amazon before expanding to other platforms.

However, here are the best 3 publishing platforms that you can choose a format from and publish at once.

These 3 platforms are all for free and your publications would be made accessible for readers anywhere in the world.

6. Your Book Cover

A saying goes thus “don’t judge a book by its cover”. It happens but still, the reader’s perception has its own effect.

Many readers tend to judge a book by its cover and that’s why every book must have a cover.

Making a great cover for your book will help you get noticed on time and give readers the perception of what your book entails.

If you are good with designs, you can design a good cover for your books using tools like Canva, Unsplash, etc.

Hence, if you have the money you can equally hire a professional book cover designer to help you make the designs for your book.

7. Formatting Your Book

Formatting your book is one of the key steps to follow when you want to self-publish a book.

This is a very easy thing to do of which after formatting your texts/books, then you just upload the document file directly and get it published.

In as much as you know how to read and write you must be able to format your book very well before uploading to publish on any of the platforms mentioned earlier above.

And make sure to follow the guidelines on every publishing platform before you start uploading your book documents to it.

The only difficulty you might encounter in formatting is when your book contains images, aside from that; every other process is very much easier.

8. Publishing Your Book

You are done with everything and it is now looking like what you want; then, it’s time to upload and publish your book.

After uploading, you just have to hit that publish button and launch your book into the world.

9. Tell People about Your Book

After publishing your book and making it readily available on a site, you need to tell people about it and where it is.

Let everyone, both your readers and friends know that your book exists. Most persons might not find your book organically, you need to tell them.

You can do this by letting the whole world know about your book on your social media networks, and using paid ads, etc.

10. Time to Celebrate

Writing and publishing a book is not an easy thing to do. It takes a whole lot of courage.

Even when you know how to publish a book for free and get paid for it, you need to celebrate and enjoy yourself.

Always make sure to plan your celebration after when you write and publish your book.

It’s Your Turn to Write and Publish

Trust me, you don’t need anyone’s approval or permission before you can write and publish your book.

Once you follow all these steps listed above you can publish your book any time, any day.

Since you have known How to Publish a Book for Free Online, the next thing to do now is to take action and put in the work.

Get that your book published today and you will be glad you did. 


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