How to Master a Skill Online

There are lots of skills you can learn that could be of an advantage to you or your business. But knowing all skills and being a master of none isn’t encouraging.

It is good to know all skills but it is best to master a skill online. Discovering which skill you want to be known for and mastering it makes you an expert in it.

How to Master a Skill Online

So which skill do you want to be known for?

Let’s have an overview of what we will be discussing in this article.

What is a Skill?

This is the ability to do something competently well.

The ability to get desired results from an action executed within a given period.

Skills could be learned or acquired. It is a talent that comes from training and practice.

Through our life and experiences, skills are developed. Moreover, there are different types of skills.

Examples of skills include

~ Job skills

~ Leadership skills

~ Organization skills

~ Life skills

You can master any of these skills online. There are lots of other skills under each example I listed above you can learn.

You can pick and master a skill online among these examples highlighted above in order to scale in any industry.

How to Master a Skill Online:

I will be highlighting a few steps on how you can master a skill online.

Determine the skill you want to master:

There are lots of skills out there to learn but knowing what you want to achieve will help you know what skills you have to develop.

For you to be a great leader, you need to master the skill of public speaking.

So this is how it is. Find out about the skills you need to learn and start to master a skill.

Set a goal to develop that skill:

When you want to master a skill online, set goals to help you achieve it. Your goals should be realistic and also stretch you to be better.

If you want to be a leader, you can try mastering the skill by watching what other leaders do, watch how they speak in public and begin to apply it.

Attach emotions to your journey:

To help you master a skill online, you can attach your feelings to it. How would you feel if you don’t achieve your goal of mastering this skill?

How would you feel if you can influence others positively? That’s how it should be.

Identify factors critical to your success and develop your strengths there:

For you to master a skill online, you should identify what can make it happen for you.

How were others able to master this skill? You can check out what other experts did by watching or following them. You can also learn more from youtube videos.

Find out what worked for them and apply it. For example,

Public speaking could be mastering the art of storytelling.

Start Visualizing:

You can start visualizing how successful you will be if you master this skill. If you want to master how to communicate properly, you can start visualizing yourself in that act.

If it’s public speaking, you can start visualizing yourself giving a speech. This can help motivate you further.

Schedule your time to practice:

For you to be able to master a skill online, you should be able to work with time. Schedule the time to practice whatever skill you have decided to master and keep at it.

Read books from experts, watch videos as regards that skill.

If it’s the skill of public speaking you want to master, schedule a time to record yourself speaking.

If it’s the skill of digital marketing, schedule the time to learn how to run ads online. Whichever skill it is, give yourself time to practice each day.

Measure your progress:

You can also hire a coach to help you as you strive to master a skill online. Feedback enables you to know if you are doing well or not.

Practice more often in that skill.

If it’s digital marketing, practice running ads for a friend and get feedback if you did well. You can give free speeches at events. The goal is to practice.

Socialize, practice and compete with others:

Start showing this skill. Talk about it, including your goals on how to achieve it. This will make people notice you and could bring mentors who see the value your way.

You can compete with others better than you and also learn from them.

Start teaching others:

By teaching others, you begin to Improve more on your skill. You can start a group and begin to teach others. This shows you understood that skill and you have also mastered it.


If you are able to follow the above-listed steps, you will be able to master a skill online. Identify that skill that you want to learn, give it time and practice often. This would make you not just an expert but a master of that skill.