How To Make Money on Palmpay

Palmpay is an all-in-one app. It is a simple, mobile financial platform designed to reward your financial experience.  Palmplay was launched in Nigeria in July 2019 but became widely used early this year. This is simply because Palmpay seemed to have updated the app and introduced really exciting ways to carry out financial transactions

How To Make Money on Palmpay

Imagine getting rewards on every transaction. Yes, you read right!. Palmpay has become part of my life and what I love most are the cash rewards I have gotten by using the app for these transactions.

What good is this if I don’t share?

Ways to Make Money on Palmpay

Here is how it works, how all of this is possible, and how you, too, can save a lot of money with the PalmPay app!

1. Cash spree

This is how I got to know Palmpay, it is a fun feature that allows users to earn cash rewards for inviting family members and friends to download and register on the PalmPay app.

This feature allows you to earn up to 2,000NG daily just from referrals only. Tap “My services” and select cash spree under “Rewards”. You pick the amount you want to earn, it ranges from 500 NG – 2,000NG. An automatic link is generated with which you can invite a required number of people to be able to cash out.

The best thing about this feature is that old and new users enjoy this feature. That means you can continue earning 2,000NG every day with just referrals. How cool is that?!

Cash spree’s cash-out is very fast and almost automatic. Once you have invited enough people and hit the cash target you set, You get credited to your wallet immediately you tap withdraw. 

If you are reading this and you are not yet on Palmpay, please do us both a favour and join via my cash spree link  since we are speaking of referrals.

2. Rewards on all transactions

This feature has made me abandon all other payment platforms. Almost every transaction made on the PalmPay app is rewarded with PalmPoints or discount coupons.

You earn PalmPoint for transacting. It is equivalent to the Naira, meaning  1 PalmPoint = 1 Naira, and it can be used to get up to 50% discount on future transactions made on the PalmPay app.

Bill Payments

Airtime recharge: When topup with 100 NG, you earn 15 PalmPoints for your first transaction and subsequently earn cashback on all your airtime transactions on the app depending on how much you transact, promotion, and offers available.

Cable Tv and Electricity bills: There is a 2% bonus in PalmPoints when you subscribe to Cable TV and pay electricity bills with the PalmPay app. This is for the first 5 bill payments you make per month.

Betting: Free betting coupons are made available as a daily reward for using your PalmPay app. You also get a coupon if you add up to 3 betting beneficiaries. Depending on your payment item, up to a 4% bonus in Palmpoints is up for grabs.

Internet and Data Bundles: Earn 3% cashback on your first 10 data transaction every month and internet coupons by using a feature on the app (depending on the available offers)

A new user would also get various coupons that you can use to get discounts on the different services available on PalmPay. Palmpay gives random coupons for simply using the app-say adding your email or completing your registration.

I am simply saying I never have to pay the full price again with Palmpay thanks to various cash backs and coupons.

3. PalmGem

The PalmGem feature allows you to perform quests on the app and get gem rewards. 

  • Start by selecting the price you want to win (Airtime, Data bundle, or Cable TV subscription)
  • Depending on the selected price a list of quests will be given to you. Complete it to earn more gems
  • When you have earned the required gems for the price you selected, you can claim the price!

4. 10NG Grab deals

10NG deals offer users the opportunity to participate in ongoing daily deals with a chance to win the item. 

7 items are displayed daily and all users can participate in the scramble for the item by paying 10NG. You bid N10 for the deal of the day and a winner is chosen randomly from all who place a bid. Deals may include cash prices, general coupons, electronic devices or general household items. 

PalmPay has a feature on the app to buy physical products like phones and electronics called PalmBuy. You can get good non-generic (brand-name) phones at really good prices here and up to 63% off on super deals.  If you win, the item will be delivered to your doorstep free of charge or the cash reward paid to your wallet.

The best part is that everyone who enters gets to increase money as the 10NG bid will be given back as 20NG in coupons for every lucky ticket purchase.

You can also bid more than once, which increases your winning chances. You may want to read the rules before bidding.

5. Frequent promos

PalmPay always has new promotions and exciting offers. Currently, a 100million naira giveaway is ongoing to mark their 2nd anniversary, you may want to participate. Collect all 5 badges and stand a chance to be among the lucky winners

PalmPay has fun promotions every month, most of which  I’ve participated in and have always benefitted.

There are also other ways to get discounts and rewards on PalmPay like the Daily Check-in Rewards, Step and Earn feature, Refer and earn, Reward tasks, and so on. Another newly introduced feature is the “OK card”. This feature gives you over 150,000NG overdraft with easy repayment.  

If you calculate how much you spend on transactions without getting anything back when using other platforms, you could be saving thousands of Naira every month on your everyday transactions when you switch to PalmPay.

Download the PalmPay app from the Android or Apple store today, and thank me later.