If we decide to list the top ten ways of making money online, the list will not be complete if we fail to mention Dropshipping. And to be more specific, dropshipping on Shopify.

Dropshipping is exclusively a lucrative business model for anyone who wants to make millions of selling products online and from anywhere in the world. However, making money dropshipping is not as easy as it seems.

Whether you are thinking of starting a dropshipping business or you are a dropshipping expert already, we have written this article to show you can make money on dropshipping on Shopify. In it, we’ll cover how dropshipping works, how to find and pick the best products, where you can source for suppliers, and how anyone can make money with dropshipping.

What is Shopify?

With over 1,700,000 businesses, Shopify is used and trusted by millions of individuals and brands for selling, shipping and processing payments anywhere in the world. Shopify is a place for both beginners and experts in the business. Whichever category you belong to, you not only start your online business on Shopify, you can also switch from your current e-commerce platform to Shopify.

With Shopify, you can sell any product to anyone and anywhere. Shopify also has some beautiful built-in tools that can help you develop, execute and monitor your marketing campaigns.

Shopify also lets you manage all your orders, shipping and payments in a single dashboard.

What is dropshipping?

Dropshipping is a product-based business model that lets e-commerce merchants start an online business and sell products to consumers without stocking products themselves. This means that you don’t keep the products you want to sell in stock. Instead, you sell products to your customers while using a third party agent to hold inventory and ship your orders.

The way dropshipping works is quite simple. The business owner focuses on the marketing, branding and even the branding aspect of the business, while the third party takes charge of the logistics.

Since online shopping is always on the increase, Dropshipping will continue to be a profitable business. Some dropshippers who have a successful dropshipping store make up to $100,000 per year. You, too, can make that amount; all it requires is choosing suitable suppliers and building your brand.

How does dropshipping business work?

Before going deep into how you can generate profits from the dropshipping business model, you must understand how it works.

Dropshipping lets you sell directly to your potential customers without stocking any inventory. With drop shipping, you don’t need to worry about shipping logistics or inventory costs. When a customer buys a product from your online store, a third-party supplier ships it to the customer. All the customer does is pay the retail price you set on your dropshipping store while you pay the supplier’s wholesale price.

Here is a more simplified process of how dropshipping works:

  • First, your customer places an order directly from your online store.
  • Then your store automatically forwards the order to your supplier
  • Your supplier then prepares the customer’s order
  • Finally, the order is shipped directly by the supply to your customer.

How to make money dropshipping on Shopify

Making money is the ultimate of every drop shipper.  In addition, to make money dropshipping on Shopify, you will need to put in more effort in the marketing and advertising aspect of your business. You can harness social media to increase sales and generate revenue for your business.

  1. Start your own dropshipping business
  2. Pick a product
  3. Get a reliable supplier
  4. Market your dropshipping business

Step 1# How to Start Dropshipping Business with Shopify

Starting your Dropshipping business will require a significant amount of commitment and a long-term perspective. If you are hoping to make six figures from the first few weeks of starting your business, you are going to be greatly disappointed.

When starting your dropshipping business, you need to approach it with realistic expectations. That way, you will be less likely to get discouraged.

Although drop shipping is a business with low risk, however as a beginner, it is not always advisable to start and grow your dropshipping business by throwing in a bunch of money without understanding how the business works. You are at risk of losing your profits to marketers, expensive programmers and developers.

To get your business launched and fully operational, you will need start-up cash of about $1,000 which will cover operating expenses, web hosting, incorporation fees and dropshipping suppliers

Still wondering whether to dropship with Shopify, here are some of the benefits you stand to gain:

  • With Shopify, you can kick start your dropshipping business with only a little token.
  • Shopify helps you find import the best products to sell
  • You have the opportunity of selling to a wide range of customers across the globe
  • You can also test new products, sales channels and suppliers.
  • You can complete and ship all your customer orders with only a few clicks

Step 2# choose a dropshipping business idea

The step in learning how to make money dropshipping on Shopify is performing market research. Also, the most challenging aspect of any dropshipping business is picking a niche and products to sell. Sometimes it could be a bit tricky coming up with product ideas to market. But since you will be dropshipping on Shopify, Shopify has a list of trending products based on the top-selling product.

Picking a niche requires some level of carefulness because it is the most significant decision and can have a long-term effect on your dropshipping business

Points to consider before picking a product

The success of any dropshipping store is mainly dependent on the popularity of the niche. The niche you choose plays a vital role in your dropshipping business.

So many drop shippers are fond of picking products based on their passion or interest. If truly making is your primary objective, you may have to keep your love aside when choosing a product. The best way to find the best outcome is to find a niche with high search volume and low competition.

Here are a few points to consider when picking a product to sell

  • The price for the product
  • Findability in a local place
  • The minimum advertising price of the product
  • Marketing potential

In addition to picking products, most persons value their hobbies, and they are willing to spend a tremendous amount of money on items, training and tools for their hobbies. For instance, most mountain bikers have expensive bikes, and they would want to spend anything to maintain their bikes.

Some products are on repeat purchases. You can pick products with recurring profits or products that are ordered frequently. It will help your business proliferate.

One habit common among drop shippers is the habit of chasing the latest trends. While this is a good thing to do, you need to know there are so many stable product categories and offer similar benefits just like the trending ones. Below are some top high performing niches you can pick a product from:

  • Health care and personal care

Under the health care and personal niche, you can find products like Kid’s face masks, electric toothbrushes, yoga mats, bamboo toothbrushes, sleep eye masks,

  • Wardrope and accessories

Some products under this niche are profitable, such as mom jeans, tracksuits, overshirts, silk pyjamas, slides and backpacks

  • Kitchen and grocery

Some best products in this niche are Air fryers, portable blenders, electric kettles, oat milk, fasting tea, wine fridges,

  • Home and bedroom

Countless home and bedroom products are in high demand. They include Doormats, Air-purifying plants, ceiling fans, dog beds, soap dishes, air purifiers, blackout curtains, blankets, duvet covers, bedside lamps,

  • Office products

You can decide to target specific items that are needed in most offices. Some of those products are: Pencil cases, mechanical pencils, blue light glasses, Podcast microphones, and mechanical keycaps

  • Tools and home improvement

You can find products like Smart lights, automatic soap dispensers, smart plugs, and intelligent locks in this niche.

  • Camera and cellphone accessories.

Youtubers and video content marketers love to buy cameras and cellphone accessories that will facilitate their craft. Some of these products include Ring lights, portable green screens, iPhone tripods, Mobile skins,

  • Gaming

You can also find profitable products in this niche for game lovers—gaming monitors, gaming mouse pads, gaming headsets, and ergonomic chairs.

  • Car accessories

Find products like ceramic coating, digital tire-pressure gauge, portable power stations and more.

Other profitable niches you can focus on are:

  • Selling iPhone phone cases
  • Selling Office products
  • Exercise equipment for fitness
  • Dog bow tie for dog lovers

You can also use tools like Google Trends or Keywords Everywhere to determine if a particular product is trending upward or not. It also helps you know the amount of search volume, the popularity of your business idea, and the level of competitiveness of the product you want to sell and the

Step 3# find dropshipping suppliers for your dropshipping stores.

Choosing a dropshipping supplier is a crucial step towards making money through dropshipping. Without suppliers, you won’t have any products to ship to your consumers. Your business will most likely not be functional.

After choosing what products you want to sell, it is now time to find a supplier with the ability to offer the high-quality service needed for your business to grow.

The question now is how to find the best vendors.

Ecommerce sites like Shopify offer a perfect and simplified way of finding suppliers. They connect Oberlo to your business.

Oberlo is dropshipping marketplace packed with millions of products from various suppliers. Whether it is toys, fashion, electronics or maybe trending items, It is easy to find products to sell online from the Oberlo marketplace, and you can source products through AliExpress. You also can import them to your dropshipping store.

Oberlo takes care of forwarding the orders to your supplier. You don’t need to bother about shipping, packaging and managing inventory. You can choose the best products, customize the details, and display them in your store in just a few clicks. 

Oberlo partners with AliExpress to help you find the right product for your store. Feature on Oberlo that helps you find high-performing products.

You can also find suppliers using a supplier based platform like Alibaba, Dropship Direct, or AliExpress.

Step 4# Market your Dropshipping Business

One way to make money dropshipping on Shopify is to market your product effectively. No matter how profitable your product is, no one will know about it if you don’t sell the product.

So now that your dropshipping business is up and running, it is now time to talk about showcasing your products to a larger audience. Almost every niche is populated; however, to stand out, you need to put in some extra effort into advertising your products.

You can promote your dropshipping business using any of the following:

  • Influencer marketing: the truth is, as a drop shipper, sometimes you may have limited funds

To market your business. However, with influencer marketing, you can reach your target audience. To make it more effective, you may discuss an affiliate with an influencer. So while they make money from each sale, you are also spending less on advertising.

  • Paid advertising: these days, with as little as  97 cents, you can pay for a Facebook ad.

Running Facebook or Google ads is one way to reach your potential buyers faster because most of your customers spend time on these platforms.

  • Content marketing: Content marketing is one strategy you must adopt if you genuinely want to

build sustainable traffic for your store; you have to integrate content marketing into your dropshipping business strategy. You might decide to start a blog around your niche. Then on a regular basis, create and publish content that educates your audience. To take it further, you could also start a YouTube channel, start a podcast, or create infographics to help you get more reach.

Where to find a dropshipping business for sale

Did you know it is possible to buy a store online? For those who do not want to go through building a new dropshipping business from scratch, there are over 10,0000 ready-to-go stores available for sale on Shopify. You can find the one best suits your interest and budget and run the business right away.

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