How to Make Animated Films by Tony White

How to Make Animated Films by Tony White

How to Make Animated Films – Become Tony White’s personal animation student. Experience many of the teaching techniques of the golden era of Disney and Warner Brothers studios and beyond.all from the comfort of your own home or studio. Tony White’s Animation Master Class is uniquely designed to cover the core principles of animated movement comprehensively. How to Make Animated Films offers secrets and unique approaches only a Master Animator could share. Includes hands-on Tutorials, demonstrations and final sample animations. .

Whether you want to become a qualified animator of 2D, 3D, Flash or any other form of animation, Tony White’s foundations bring you closer to that goal.  The DVD is invaluable, in that readers are not only taught principles and concepts in the book, they are able to see them demonstrated in action in the movies on the DVD. 

*Look over the shoulder of award-winning Master Animator, Tony White, as he works at his animation lightbox. Watch, listen, experience as the author demonstrates everything you need to know.
*Tony White is a legendary animator with a strong following. His best-selling title: The Animator’s Workbook has 80,000 copies to date.
*For aspiring animators on their own – without backing or funding. Get the same results the Disney animators do with bare minimum technique and equipment. 
*DVD offers a perfect audio/visual companion to the book with movies of the author at his drawing desk, creating art in front of our eyes – demonstrating difficult techniques like flipping, inbetweening and superimposition.

Book Review by J. Demers

I bought this book to help me teach an Animation class for 9-12 year-olds, which I was unfamiliar with. (I had only experience with stop motion.) What I liked most about this book (and I didn’t get a chance to read the whole book) was that in the first chapter, White explains all of the materials he uses and why, and debates/preferences about some materials.

He even tells the reader what stores to find certain materials at, and links to online businesses. I felt the book on the whole was helpful, but this–for me–is what separated it from The Animator’s Survival Kit (also a good book).

Editorial Reviews


“Tony White is a marvelous teacher. He has great love for the art of animation, and also a talent for explaining complex ideas in simple, accessible language.” -Nancy Beiman, Professor of Animation, Sheridan College and author of PREPARE TO BOARD! Creating Story and Characters for Animated Features and Shorts

“Tony White’s enthusiasm for animation is contagious. His deep knowledge of the medium continues to guide and inspire eager students every year. That’s why I’m delighted to see Tony’s special brand of expertise made available to a wider audience. Animation enthusiasts will find this book a treasure trove.” -Michel Gagné, Artist/Filmmaker

“Tony White offers a wealth of knowledge from his vast, extensive experience in the art of animation. From the basic mechanics to the sophisticated complexities of hand drawn character animation, Tony covers it all.” -Don Crum, Professional Character Animator

About the Author

Tony White, renowned animator, director, professor, lecturer, and author, has been in the animation industry for over 30 years, and currently teaches 2D animation and oversees principal animation production classes at DigiPen Institute of Technology. White began his career working with legendary industry professionals like award-winning illustrator Ralph Steadman, animation gurus Ken Harris, Art Babbit (original lead animator on Pinocchio, Fantasia, and others at Disney).

He also personally assisted, then directed/animated for Richard Williams (3-time Oscar winner and author of The Animator’s Survival Kit). In addition to being the Dean of Fine Art and Animation at DigiPen, White founded and presides over The Animaticus Foundation, which he formed to preserve, teach and evolve the art form of traditional 2D animation.

Originally published: 26 May 2009

AuthorTony White

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