How to learn almost anything in 48 hours by Tansel Ali

How to learn almost anything in 48 hours by Tansel Ali

Download How to learn almost anything in 48 hours by Tansel Ali pdf book free online – From How to learn almost anything in 48 hours by Tansel Ali: In How to Learn (Almost) Anything in 48 Hours, three-time Australian Memory Champion Tansel Ali reveals the secret to learning new skills fast – memory techniques. Buy From Amazon

Whether you’d like to study for exams efficiently, learn a foreign language, confidently make a speech, learn to play a new musical instrument, or improve your general knowledge, memory-training expert Tansel will show you how to do it quickly and effectively with the aid of a few memory tricks.

Packed with practical exercises to help you hone your memory and train your brain to learn well and learn fast, this is the ultimate book for anyone ready to sharpen their mind and expand their knowledge.

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Personally, I felt it’s all dreadfully cumbersome. Instead of remembering 15 things you remember 15 stories. I’m not 100% sure it’s the better deal: on the one hand, it must help create some additional neuro connections to hold onto these 15 skippy things, maybe interconnect them or build them in something net to let the memory hold onto, on the other hand, it’s still 15 stories you would have to remember, instead of 15 words.

And so on. Then again, it could be a cool stuff to discuss, if one’s not bored out of their freaking mind by trying to remember all kinds of things, like Yellow Pages.

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Then again, the SMASHING SCOPE, as in
– Synaesthesia/Senses (7D, anyone?)
– Movement (dynamic stage)
– Association (esp. exciting and memorable stuff)
– Sex/Self (so, how do you like being a blackboard?)
– Humour
– Imagination (‘Imagination is intelligence with an erection’. Ouch.) (‘stepping outside the logical… how about the chair jumping around, jumping and then sitting on you?)
– Numbers (23?)
– Symbolism (Bang! you’ve crashed)
– Colour (‘bright blue tornado… feel the colour)
– Order
– Positive Images
– Exaggeration

About the Author

Tansel Ali is a three-time Australian Memory Champion. He shot to fame worldwide for memorizing two Yellow Pages phone books–more than 2,300 business names and 20,000 digits–in only twenty-four days. Tansel was the celebrity memory coach for television personality and former CEO of Leo Burnett, Todd Sampson, in the award-winning TV documentary, Redesign My Brain. With Tansel’s memory coaching, Todd competed at the World Memory Championships in London, where he successfully memorized an entire deck of randomly shuffled playing cards. Tansel lives in Melbourne, Australia.

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