How To Get Your Wife In The Mood PDF

How To Get Your Wife In The Mood PDF

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How to Get Your Wife in the Mood and Eager to Have Sex With You More Often

What’s the secret to getting your wife to have sex with you when and how you want it? Simple…learn how to turn her on by seducing her.

Most husbands probably don’t think about “seducing” their wives. A lot of guys seem to think that once they get married they don’t need to make the effort anymore, and that sex is just a given. But even if sex IS given to you on a regular basis, it’s still worth learning how to seduce your wife.

The reality is that your wife wants to have hotter, more passionate, mind-blowing sex with you on a regular basis, but there’s something she needs from you first in order to give you all the great sex you can handle…

She needs you to learn how to get her in the mood.

Discover How to Seduce Your Wife and Make Her Desperate to Make Love to You

Make no mistake; learning how to get your wife in the mood is pivotal for any husband who has difficulty turning his woman on and making her enthusiastic for sex. Even if she seems cold and distant, learning how to get your wife in the mood will trigger the feelings of love in her heart once again and help you to rekindle the sparks in your relationship.

The key to seduction is not difficult. It really comes down to four things: paying attention to your wife’s needs, getting to know what she enjoys and what stimulates her emotionally and physically, doing the things she likes as often as you can, and most importantly…projecting a powerful, dominant masculine presence.

Learn How to Love Your Wife with Romantic Passion

If you want to know how to get your wife in the mood simply ask her, listen to what she says, and follow through. But what most wives REALLY want is for their husbands to “show up” as the strong and powerful MAN that they love and want sexually.

Husbands who enjoy frequent, enthusiastic sex with their wives know how to do at least two things right:

1. They know how to make themselves sexually irresistible by increasing their “mating potential”, and…

2. They know how to please a woman sexually AND emotionally, thereby NATURALLY triggering their wives’ most primal sexual cravings.

In How To Get Your Wife In The Mood you’re going to learn:

  • How to get your wife in the mood to have sex with you without wasting precious time and money trying to “buy sex” with romantic gifts.
  • How to turn a woman on mentally by using your sexual influence to drive her wild without touching her.
  • How to love your wife and make her feel beautiful again. (Hint: This is the key to reclaiming the love and passion in your marriage once more)
  • Why learning how to please a woman in bed (and out of bed) is critically important to the success and happiness of your marriage.
  • How to make your wife happy and eager to please you in bed by making her feel an irresistible attraction for you.
  • Why you should learn how to turn a woman on using your words, and how this one skill can make your wife hot for you from morning until bedtime.
  • How to be romantic and sweep her off her feet using nothing but your masculine presence to unleash her sex drive.
  • And much, much more…

Inside you’ll find the relationship secrets used by some of the most blissful couples in the world as well as romantic hacks that will help you to get all the sex you want and make it seem like it was all HER idea.

Would You Like to Know More?

Get started right away and learn how to get your wife in the mood and desperate to make love to you when and how you want it.


I was able to turn around my relationship with my wife within 2 days from the time I purchased this book – had read specific topics of interest to me and applied it and I was able to see instant results.” By Shankar G A

“I would like to say that if you asked a dozen females what they thought of the advice in the book, half of them would say they’d be happy if their man tried just ten percent of these ideas!” By John Adams

I would recommend this book to anyone that has forgotten to slow down and pay attention to detail. Great Reminder!” By Ear23969


There are several things that this book does exceptionally well. First of all it’s an easy read and laid out simple enough for any guy to skim through for hot ideas to turn his wife on. I’m not big on having to dig through a book just to get to the meat if you know what I mean.

Secondly, it’s definitely written with the lazy or busy husband in mind. You won’t find any fluffy, lovey-dovey talk about marriage in here. It’s all focused on one thing and one thing only: Getting you the best sex of your life consistently from the woman you love.

The last thing that I found really useful was the section that gives you a step by step method for turning your wife into a horny teenager by passionately kissing her in a certain way. Let’s just say that I’ve found my new “go-to” move for getting my wife in the mood when I want to. It’s funny how after you get married you stop doing the things that used to work so well to rev up your woman’s engines when you were first dating.

Whether you want to rekindle the fires in your marriage or train your wife to give you more earth-shattering sex, this is a great investment for any man who enjoys making love to his wife regularly.


“Dating and Relationship Advice for Becoming Irresistible to the Opposite Sex”

Quality relationships shouldn’t be rocket science. Most dating and relationship books tend to over complicate the simplest ideas and leave you sifting through 300 pages of fluff. What you need is simple, straightforward insights for understanding and influencing the opposite sex without having to get a Ph.D. in the process.

There are two kinds of people who should read Bruce’s books: Guys who aspire to become the high-quality men that women respect, desire, and want to submit to in a relationship and women who want to attract, understand, and captivate a high-quality man to get the love and commitment they deserve. If you’re looking for straightforward dating and relationship advice that won’t make your skin crawl, insult your intelligence, or waste your time, Bruce is your guy.

When he isn’t writing a literary masterpiece (or so he thinks) Bruce spends his time reading, entertaining friends, doing manly things, or being a romantic nuisance to the woman he loves.

Want to know more? Scroll down the page and check out the different dating and relationship books Bruce has published…

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  • Name: How To Get Your Wife In The Mood: Quick and Easy Tips for Seducing your wife and making her beg you for Sex
  • Author: Bruce Bryans
  • ISBN: 1480228397
  • Language: English
  • Genre: General Sexual Health, Sex, and Sexuality
  • Format: PDF/ePub
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  • Page: 116
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