How to Get a Job in Nigeria

How to Get a Job in Nigeria

Are you thinking of how to get a Job in Nigeria without connection or any experience? Or you are asking for what jobs are in high demand in Nigeria and the available jobs in Nigeria 2020?

Then, you are in the right place.

To get a Job fast in Nigeria most times solely depends on your connection and with no connection then you need to master the Job Interview Preparation Tips.

Last time I wrote an article here on How to Prepare for an Interview with these Interview Preparation Tips.

However, after preparing for an interview, getting a job in Nigeria is another case; but don’t worry I will show you how to get a job fast in Nigeria.

Hope you are ready to see them right? Read on.

Today, in this article, I am going to share with you the step by step process to follow so you can get that your dream job in Nigeria even without a connection.

Top 8 Quick Process to Get A Job Fast In Nigeria Without Connection

  • Reflect on your skills 
  • Update your resume regularly
  • Plan your career path
  • Set your career goals
  • Explore and improve your skills
  • Prepare your CV
  • Prepare for Job Interviews
  • Know how to negotiate Salary

Why Is It Difficult To Get a Job in Nigeria?

Getting a job in Nigeria is a difficult task especially in this time where the number of applicants seems to have exceeded the number of available jobs.

This happens from being a fresh graduate to a National Youth Corps member to the labour market where they get a raw taste of joblessness.

Many tend to further their education to get other degrees, Master’s degrees, and even get a PhD, and still yet with all the degrees, securing a good job is still a problem.

Another difficulty in getting a job in Nigeria is the lack of quality education thereby making no much available space for graduates and job seekers.

Many cannot prove what they studied in school but keep carrying about a beautiful CV and still yet not getting the job.

One other difficulty is the problem of Age limitation and Lack of work experience. This is another reason why people don’t get jobs.

Most companies tend to look out for applicants within a particular age limit with much experience and such brings about young graduates seeking experience.

While those with much experience are older persons and above the age limit they required. This poses a big problem for job seekers.

Another problem of not getting a job in Nigeria is the issue of Sentimentality, of which applicants without any connections to the people in high positions tend to suffer.

In this case, only those with connection or knows the right people and gives bribe would be granted a job which is a very bad attitude.

If all these can be addressed in Nigeria, then there will be excellence in Nigeria and more job openings for job seekers.

Job Hunting Mistakes to Avoid

Do you know that most of the job seekers who are into job hunting make several job search mistakes?

As a young graduate or job seeker, there are some mistakes you make in the search for a job of which disqualifies you even with all the necessary qualifications.

These are normally called Job Hunting Mistakes and some of these mistakes include;

  1. Having no Focus on Career or Job Type.
  2. Lack of Preparation and Having no Job Plan.
  3. Lack of Self-Confidence.
  4. Lack of Foresight and in New Job Openings.
  5. Neglecting Your Contacts and Networks.

All these above are mistakes people make when hunting for jobs in Nigeria. Therefore, you are expected to adjust and avoid those common mistakes.

Platforms Where You Can Find Your Dream Job in Nigeria

As a Nigerian, you can land your dream job even without connection by looking out for job openings on these platforms.

Many sites post jobs of which you can get them when you search online but here are few available ones I recommend.

These are social media platforms, job platforms, and forums in Nigeria where you can easily get connected and find jobs.

So, you can check them out, use the find job search option, subscribe to their newsletter, and as well keep an eye for the latest Job Openings on them.

Now, let’s see the step-by-step processes on how to get a Job fast in Nigeria 2020.

8 Quick Process of How to Get a Job in Nigeria

  1. Reflect on Your Skills:

You know your skills and it would be very interesting for you to look out for Job Openings in companies, organizations, or firms that want what you have.

This would be a great advantage to you as to when your passion is your job while you will be happy working and get paid.

2. Update Your Resume Regularly: 

Do not go around in search of a job with your first draft of the resume as it is expected you must have gathered some experiences while you grow.

All the experiences, training seminars, certificate courses, and new skills you acquire while growing could be useful to any job you seek.

So, you need to gather all these resources and update your profile and resume regularly as this will show your seriousness too.

3. Plan Your Career Path:

Always plan and keep in order your career path by keeping a record of your achievements regularly.

While growing, you tend to gather new knowledge, experiences, achievements, and even new careers;

So, regularly checkmate your last career planning as this would give you an insight into whether to apply for a new job if the new job is not giving you the vibe anymore.

4. Set Your Career Goals: 

As a job seeker, you need to know your career and set good career goals for yourself.

Plan your career and know what you want to be in 5 or 10 years later, as well as what you see yourself doing at each point in life.

This will help you plan your life even when seeking jobs in Nigeria.

5. Explore and Improve Your Skills:

Make sure to always keep yourself updated by exploring new skills and as well improve on your current skills.

Explore and make good research for new skills, training, and opportunities in your field to develop your knowledge and experience.

You can acquire some professional training and certificate courses which can be an added advantage to help boost your CV.

6. Prepare Your CV

 Prepare and make your CV to be more professional and captivating to employers when seeking a job.

Remember, no two CV’s are the same because our experiences differ. So don’t go about copying from others.

Your CV should be unique and special to you, and make sure to highlight your relevant skills when making your CV.

7. Prepare for Job Interviews

As a job seeker, learning how to prepare for job interviews is another skill you need to know.

You need to be fully prepared for any Job Interview since you are not getting any jobs with connections.

Nevertheless, I have a very good resource for you that will guide you in preparing for your interviews and all other Job Interview Preparation tips.

You can check out this wonderful resource I created for you here on How to Prepare for Job Interviews.

8. Know How to Negotiate Salary

Negotiation is one of the skills every job seeker or job candidate should possess anytime, any day.

Always be confident to negotiate your desired salary during a job interview and ensure you are worth the amount you are negotiating with.

Don’t be in a hurry to negotiate rather, be patient, and let your employer call the first amount.

Before you apply for a job or before the interview, make research on the salary ranges the company pays for that particular job position to make a better negotiation.


Getting a Job in Nigeria is very much easy if you follow all the steps and guidelines listed above.

Hence, the most important thing is to know what you want and give in your best to it.

So, this is all you need to know about Job Hunting and How to Get a Job in Nigeria 2020.

Hopefully, I know you enjoyed this article, kindly help in sharing with your friends who might need this information.

You can share your experience with Job hunting in Nigeria so far with us or if you have any questions, then drop them in the comment below.

Thank you!

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