How To Effectively combine Schooling and Entrepreneurship.

There’s a rise in the number of students who own small businesses or are making plans to, maybe it’s because they feel more responsible or have to make ends meet or seek financial independence. No matter what the reason is, they have one common limitation which is being students. To combine both, one has to be very sure they want to go into business

Schooling and Entrepreneurship

It’s not news that our educational system in Nigeria, especially in Government universities is a failed one. Thus no fixed or routine timetable for school to enable a business owner to plan properly. The right attitude is what you need to achieve stability and maintain a balance between both.

Understanding oneself:

As humans, we respond or react to situations differently. Understanding yourself is the backbone of being successful if you intend to combine two time and effort-intensive projects such as education and business. This is a very important consideration as a student, being honest and not lying to yourself. After evaluating yourself, You can now decide if or not you can do business with the result from your self-evaluation for instance your ability to exercise patience.


Discipline is very vital as it helps to keep the focus on your goals, it’s either you are disciplined or you are not. You need to set clearer goals and strive to accomplish them. Aim higher each time you have a new task and go for it, and push yourself harder. Fix a target amount you expect to make at a particular period, program your system to deliberately study for a particular number of hours per day, and ensure you are intentional about getting it right. Practice hard and get out of your comfort zone. 

Time management

It’s important that a schedule or something close is put into place and used. To own a business and make good grades in school, you basically have to organize and plan how much time you spend on specific activities and be conscious about it. Time management starts with the commitment to change and can be easy as long as you are committed. It involves a lot of intentional actions like keeping a daily to-do list, prioritizing and managing distractions. You would have to be intentional, prioritize tasks, avoid distraction and also track the time it takes you to control a task.

Saying No!

Prioritizing is evident in one’s ability to say NO! Running a business as well as books to read. Learn to say no to distractions no matter how appealing they might be. Crucial work time expended on distractions could be used to catch up on business or schoolwork. A firm resounding No should be used to keep your emotions and actions in check. This simply allows for more time for other activities. Standing your ground especially when it comes to running your business is very important, to avoid unnecessary stress.


We all have different unique styles of passing, interacting or exchanging information with others. This is a useful skill, especially when dealing with a client or your perceived customer base. Communication is an important management function  In business, closely associated with all other managerial functions. It bridges the gap between individuals and groups through the flow of information and understanding between them. Effective communication involves Listening,straight-talking, stress management and emotion control.


There’s no need to start schooling or a business if there’s no passion, as nothing beats enthusiasm. Passion cannot be bought or taught but can be cultivated. To run a business and be a scholar, you have got to want them both more than anything in the world. A burning desire to excel at both would be your thriving force, an anchor that keeps you shrewd. This is important for when this doesn’t feel rosy, you don’t give up, but for a course or business, there’s no passion for, one tends to give up easily.

Stay Informed

It’s really easy to lose track of one when focusing on the other, staying informed eliminates the probability of missing schoolwork or the latest change for your business line. You would need someone who can always fill up for you be it when you are caught up with school work and have business-related errands.

Celebrate your wins

It’s very easy to not even realize how much you have been through, survived and achieved. So sometimes take a step back, count and celebrate your achievements, encourage yourself, give yourself thumbs up for every milestone conquered, whether it is a little increase in profits, an excellent result, or a new level to graduation. Do that victory dance, treat yourself cause you deserve it. Remember it’s not every day you meet an excellent student with a thriving business After all, nothing feels like the confidence derived from victory, making a sale or hitting a target

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