How to Check Punctuation Mistakes in PDF Documentation?

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Sharing of documents via the internet is a common thing nowadays. But it has also many problems like format conversion of the original document. To resolve this problem, hundreds of people share their documents in PDF format. 

It is a particular file format that keeps the text the same at both sending and receiving ends. In simple words, it will not change the font style or anything like this of the text of the file. But this format also has some drawbacks like editing, removing text, and others. 

In this format, you can’t edit even a single word as you do in an MS file document. Do you know how to check punctuation mistakes in such a document and get them removed? If you don’t know, you should read this guide as we are going to teach you here briefly. 

Why It is Hard to Check Punctuation Mistakes in PDFs?

The very first question that pops up in the mind is why it is hard to find such errors and resolve them. 

PDF doesn’t allow the users to make amendments to the text. It is a non-editable format of a document. In simple words, it doesn’t enable you to edit anything available in the particular document. 

You should either need to use a particular software or convert your file into an editable format. That is why it is considered hard to find any error in a PDF file and get it removed. 

How to Check Punctuation Mistakes in PDF?

Now, you have learned why it is difficult to remove errors from a PDF document. Let us show you the method through which you can do this and get your document free from such mistakes. You need to follow the upcoming steps carefully to avoid mistakes. 

  • Document Conversion 

First of all, you have to convert PDF files into an editable format like DOC file format. It is pretty simple to do as you don’t need any third-party tool or software for this. 

You can easily convert the file format within a few seconds. To do this, you have to make sure that you have installed MS Office on your computer. If you have installed this program, you need to follow these steps. 

  • Right-click on the file. 
  • Check for the “Open With” button. 
  • Tap on that button. 
  • Now, click on “MS Word” from the list to convert it into an editable format

By following these steps, you can make your PDF document editable. Now, you have to move to the next part of this method to find punctuation errors. 

  • Punctuation Checking

When you have your file in an editable and clear format, you can find punctuation errors easily. There are two main methods through which you can do this. We are going to tell you about those methods briefly here. 

  • Using a Tool 

The first method is simple and efficient one. In this method, you shouldn’t need to be proficient and expert in the concerned language. It is because a free punctuation checker will do this for you. 

A paid or free punctuation checker has been designed with a particular algorithm for this specific checking. In this tool, you only have to insert your text to find the punctuation mistakes. The tool will analyze your text and highlight all the mistakes that it has found in it. 

So, you will be able to find punctuation errors in your text within a few seconds. It will save your time as well as enable you to accomplish this task without any hard work. 

  • Manual Checking 

To find punctuation errors in the text, you can adopt this method. In this checking, you should have to be proficient in the concerned language and its basic rules. For example, if you are reading the text in English, you should know the basic to advanced principles of this language. 

You should have to understand all the rules properly to find errors. Also, you should have to be focused and read the text actively to find mistakes exactly. This process takes a lot of time because you have to read and analyze the text for errors at the same time. 

No doubt, you can follow this process to find errors in PDF documents. But we don’t recommend you to go with this process if you don’t have enough knowledge. 

  • Errors Removal

This is the final step in which you have to remove punctuation mistakes. Now, you have found all mistakes in your PDF document. It is time to resolve those problems and finalize your document to use it anywhere you want. 

You can also perform this task using manual and tool usage methods. We recommend you choose a free punctuation checker for this purpose as the manual method takes a lot of time and effort. 

This tool will not only highlight punctuation mistakes. But it will also show you what those mistakes are and how to resolve them. To understand the mistakes, you should have to click on the word. 

The punctuation checker will display a box with comments regarding the mistake. So, you can easily add that specific punctuation mark to your text. In this way, you can clear all punctuation errors and use that text in the document fearlessly. 


In the above guide, we have discussed the complete guide related to punctuation errors finding and resolving in a PDF document. To assist you in the conversion, we have guided you in a step-by-step process too. 

You should follow our tips carefully for the conversion as well as the extraction of mistakes. In this way, you can make any document free from errors and use it anywhere you want without feeling uncomfortable. 


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