How to Build Your Young Child’s Friendship Skills

Our new generation is different because of the gadgets we have provided them with. Their social life is not what it was of the previous generation. Social awkwardness is a thing of the present because our children only know to interact via social media. Take away the devices and leave them to interact face to face, that is where we will see the dicey situation. Being shy during public interaction is unhealthy in most cases because it will make the person lose opportunities both in formal and informal sectors of life. Nini’s Tutor academy is actively providing home tutor in karachi and home tutor in lahore.. For parents who prefer online tutoring, Nini’s Tutors also provide online tutors.

Following are some of the ways which may help build friendship skills in your children.

Communication skills

Just like adults have to communicate with each other to work things out, kids need to learn to interact with each other. Talking and listening require contribution from participants. Teaching children to listen to their friends instead of talking only is a step towards maturity.

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Being empathetic is not easy. It is always difficult to compromise when one thinks to be on the losing side. Teaching kids to understand the feeling of their friends and act appropriately to make them happy is a sure way of retaining a friend circle for a longer than average span. 

Pay attention

Children learn what they see. Adults paying attention to each other, empathizing, and compromising for each other’s sake will surely instill the said characteristic in the kids as well.

Outdoor play

One of the disadvantages of the modern lifestyle is the absence of physical activities in children. Lack of outdoor playing space, and difficulty in accessing playing grounds where kids can interact with each other is a hindrance in letting our kids grow their friend’s circle. Try taking kids to whatever play space in the area, or at the malls solely to let them have interaction with other kids. Repeated socializing in an open environment (other than school) will warm up the kid to be friendly with other kids.

Sharing stuff

Sharing is caring, right? Right. Sharing stuff with siblings and friends is also a way to get your child to make friends, as long as sharing is not extravagant and other kids do not take advantage of your child.

Prevent Children's Exposure to Lead

Join extracurricular activities

Joining sports clubs or teams, and participating in activities where kids work in teams is another healthy way of developing friendliness in children.

Invite families

Life is busy. Staying home all the time won’t get your child friendly it will be the opposite of friendliness, and it might make your child an introvert. Inviting friends and family over will make children habitual of interacting with others. It will make them see how adults interact with each other and teach them how they should socialize appropriately.

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Be understanding and forgiving

When people interact, there is always friction between them. Sometimes it is not evident because adults know how to be diplomatic in difficult situations. When children see adults dealing with their differences maturely instead of fighting, they learn the art of understanding and forgiveness to maintain the relationship.


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