How to Become an Artist in 24 Hours

A lot of individuals want to become artists. Some are already artists and others could be aspiring to become artists without lifting a finger.

It’s not easy to become an artist but it’s worth it. Though there is a lot to put into place. You need to constantly practice, learn the basics, recognize your strengths and weaknesses, explore and also market yourself.

Before we continue, let’s get to know what will be discussed in this article.

How to Become an Artist

Who is an Artist?

An artist is someone who is engaged in the activity of creating, practising, and demonstrating art. He draws or creates sculptures as a job. 

In our world today, an artist is someone with great skills and talents to make creative work. Their artwork can fit into any category and these artists are singled out and prized for their original ideas.

Few categories their artwork can fit into are; 

Digital art, architecture, sculpture, drawing, textile, painting, mixed media, etc.

Artists are great individuals with the ability to design and envision objects, images that we use and enjoy every day of our lives.

How to become an artist

A lot of artists have been able to build successful careers as artists. For you to move to the next level to become an artist, you need to learn and follow through a process.

For you to become an artist, you need to

Practice your skills:

The difference between an expert and an amateur is the amount of time spent on their skill/craft. Just like any other career, learning to become an artist takes quite a lot of practice.

Following a schedule is an act of discipline because experts notice that when their craft is very important, they take it seriously.

So take out time each day to hone your skills very well. 

Choose your niche:

There are lots of paths to go when you want to become an artist. But choosing a niche will help you become proficient in it and also building a client base around it.

You can equally try out different mediums and then choose which one you can comfortably do. 

Few examples of artistic specialities are:



~Graphic design


~Textile art


~Drawing, etc.

Seek advice from professionals:

For you to develop yourself to become an artist, you need to learn to work with other professionals. Getting a mentor is advisable.

Most artists start up as interns or assistants. That is very great. So learn to build a network of fellow artists.

Explore your style:

You can become an artist following the different artistic styles and techniques you can explore. 

You need to define what purpose you want your art to serve. This is what style exploring means. Artwork can make people cry, laugh, heal or deal with a difficult situation.

Create your portfolio:

You need to learn to be very comfortable in sharing your artwork for people to see if you want to become an artist. This will help you land gigs or commissions.

You can create your own portfolio, featuring your artworks. This is also a good marketing strategy in making people notice you.

Show yourself and your work:

You need to learn to market yourself if you want to earn clients. Having an online presence will help you get clients, sell to them, build your reputation and promote your art.

You can post your art on social media platforms like Pinterest or Instagram. You can create a minutes video on how you created art. 

If you want to go offline, you can also show your craft at galleries or art competitions.

How long does it take to become an artist?

Like some people would say, becoming an artist is a lifelong journey.

It also depends on how you hone your skills daily to become an expert. 

It also depends on the type of art you want to go into and the training you have to pursue.

You can have a bachelors degree in any art speciality of choice but one thing to know is you have to learn to grow your skills and learn new techniques over time.


  1. Who is an Artist?

An artist is someone who is engaged in the activity of creating, practising, and demonstrating art. He draws or creates sculptures as a job. 

  1. Can you study to become an artist?

Yes. There are a few courses you can take to help you get on your way immediately.


You need to learn that becoming an artist is a lifelong journey. You need to first decide it’s what you really want to do.

Practice also makes perfect. Home your skills and keep learning new techniques.

Show up consistently as it will attract more people to you and you can as well turn them to paying clients.

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