How To Become a Secret Agent

If you can trade in secrets and you believe you have got what it takes to be a good agent, then you can become a secret agent.

You can equally work for government agencies, corporate entities or even private organizations. 

With your special skills, you can work with other agents and you can also conduct investigations and implement security designs for special events.

Let’s take a look at what we will be discussing in this article:

secret agent

Who is a secret agent?

A secret agent is someone who is employed by the Government to act as an undercover agent in finding out secrets of other governments. 

You can also refer to them as spies or undercover agents. They are employed to find and collect secrets of a country and relay them to another while staying in that particular country as a spy.

Simply put, they can live in another country as foreigners while working for their own nation as spies in that country.

You are seen as a secret agent when you try to get information about another country.

What do secret agents do?

To become a secret agent, you need to be aware you have a very important role to play in the law enforcement community.

From protecting prominent individuals to preventing fraud.

They undergo a lot of extensive training and education in order to fulfil their duties. 

One of the core duties of secret agents is investigating crimes, providing protection and analyzing computer threats.

Few of the duties of secret agents include:

1. They act as security at events to provide protection. 

2. They act as security agents to the Presidents, Vice Presidents as well as their families.

3. They write reports and also deliver them based on any investigation.

4. They also act as undercover agents

5. They investigate hackings on computers on their national telecommunications devices as well as banking infrastructures too.

How to become a secret agent

It’s really challenging to become a secret agent because of the education and training required of you before you can join the secret service.

Below are few steps to take to become a secret agent.

~Get a degree:

Before you become a secret agent or work in the service, you should obtain a bachelor’s degree. Few degrees common among secret agents are law enforcement, criminal justice, etc.

Some of these programs have courses that also prepare these secret agents for their roles and different aspects of the job.

~Apply for an open secret service agent

Once you have got law enforcement experience or obtained a bachelor’s degree, the next step is to apply for a job. If you are in the united states, this requirement is a go-ahead for you. 

Few requirements include

~ You must be of the age between 21-37 years

~ You must be physically and mentally fit

~ Your vision requirement must be fit

(Corrected 20/20 vision or uncorrected vision equal to or better than 20/100

~ You should have a valid drivers license

Also for you to become a secret agent, you need to under some tests like drug tests, background checks, medical examinations, etc. 

You would also write some tests. If all requirements are approved, you can go for the too secret clearance which is required to become a secret agent.

~ Complete the required training:

 If you are in the United States, once hired as a secret agent, you are sent to the federal law enforcement training centre to complete a 10 weeks criminal investigator program in Georgia.

Once it’s complete, you will move on to a 17 weeks special agent training course. This course includes training on topics like providing physical protection, combating fraud, etc.

What skills are required to become a secret agent?

Some skills required here to become a secret agent are:

~ Communication skills

~ Investigative skills

~ Research skills

~ Physical endurance skills

~ Decision-making skills, etc


  1. Is it hard to be a secret agent?

The Secret Service selection process is very competitive. It is not easy to obtain a position with them. Candidates for this position must either possess a college degree or have a combination of college and law enforcement work experience and a background in a criminal investigation.

  1. What is the age limit for Secret Service?

Be at least age 20 and less than age 37 at the time you receive a conditional offer of employment unless you have the previous service in a Federal Civilian Law Enforcement position covered by special law enforcement or firefighter retirement provisions, including early or mandatory retirement


For you to become a secret agent, you must be willing to develop some necessary key skills which are important for the job as well. 

You must have a keen desire to learn more, taking courses and advancing your training.

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