How to Become a Product Manager

It’s not quite easy to become a product manager. To become a product manager requires you to develop certain skills and this won’t happen overnight. You can become a product manager with little or no experience but it’s necessary you exude competence and develop certain skills. 

Try to identify the goals of your boss, learn how to communicate with client’s, do as much research as you can and also try out the products.

In this article, we will be discussing product managers and how to become one

How to Become a Product Manager

Who is a Product Manager?

Having experience as a product manager can help one take up such roles when the need arises.

A product manager is someone responsible for organizing and developing products for an organization. And this is regarded as the practice of product management.

They are the ones who own the strategy of any physical or digital product, manage its launch and pinpoint its requirements.

The role of the product manager varies a lot. Some may manage one or two products while others manage the features of the product.

Product managers can manage products as well as determine business strategies.

However, to become a product manager requires one to undergo certain training even if there is an earned degree.

Though most product managers start up their careers as specialists and gradually transition into product management.

Role of a Product Manager

Before one can become a product manager, one needs to understand the role which you would be undertaking in a company.

A few of their roles include:

  • Empowering your teammates to deliver the best value
  • You push your team to drive the vision of the product.
  • As a product manager you write down test cases, product specs, meeting notes, etc. It’s very necessary to document every product. 
  • Product managers deal with crisis management from customers. They are also the ones to make a customer happy and satisfied.
  • For one to become a Product Manager, you need to understand how to prioritize products that team members are working on and convince them to get on board with it.
  • Product managers strive to get feedback from customers. This enables them to determine the success of the product by knowing how customers interact with it.

How to become a Product Manager

For one to become a product manager, one needs to understand the duties of product management as well as develop certain skills.

Here are few steps to become a product manager

1. Choose a career path:

There are 3 ways to become a product manager.

You could obtain an MBA program, Specialized training or learning on the job.

MBA Program:

This program can help you in the field of product management to hone professional skills. Most people with experience of 3-5 years who have some of these skills enter the program.

Specialized training:

There are also some certified courses one can engage in. This certification includes an online course plus an exam

Learning on the job:

In order to become a product manager, a lot of people find themselves learning on the job. They develop the necessary skills required of them in the product management field.

2. Learn the essentials:

For one to strive to become a product manager, one needs to be open to learning. Some books can assist product managers, so try getting a hold of information from these sources before going into this field.

3. Ask questions:

Try researching around you or your environment to find out about this in the product management role. You can reach out to them, ask them questions, learn from them and know if it’s what you want.

4. Take leadership courses:

You need to equip yourself to become a product manager.

Search online for leadership courses. This will help boost your resume when applying for such jobs.

5. Get your resume ready:

After carefully undertaking some courses and training, it’s time to get your resume ready. Attach skills and those courses you think should be included in your resume.

Come up with a pitch that highlights why you should be hired and also times you have worked with other product managers to achieve a goal.

6. Interview:

Once your resume is updated, start applying for jobs. When you are being called up for an interview, research the company and prepare yourself to answer basic related questions on product management.


  1. Is product manager a stressful job?

700+ product managers revealed the top reasons product managers left their PM jobs. Taking on great responsibilities can lead to a lot of stress. A product manager’s role is extremely challenging because of its versatility. However, it can also be extremely frustrating for many reasons, even if it is very rewarding and fulfilling.

  1. Are product managers in demand?

The Tech world currently has the most in-demand position, the Product Manager. Product Managers help technology companies launch new products and oversee current products.


You need to understand that becoming a product manager requires you to put in more effort. Be committed to learning and developing your skills each day. Applying and learning the required skills will help you become the product manager you desire.


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