How to Become a High School Teacher

You must have a bachelor’s degree before you can become a high school teacher.

After high school, if you want to become a high school teacher, you should first know the subject you want to teach and earn a degree in it.

High school teachers are experts in subject matters. Therefore, they also earn higher than other teachers in the k-8 classrooms.

They handle administrative works, grades, develop curricula, manage classrooms and ensure students are quite engaged with their materials.

Let’s have a look at what we will discuss in this article.

Who is a teacher?

A teacher is someone who helps a student to learn, acquire knowledge or competence. 

A good teacher impacts a lot on a student. From everything academics to their lifelong success.

However, to become a high school teacher, you need to be willing to contribute to the student’s achievement. 

A good teacher is a good communicator, willing to pay attention, have a listening ear, focus on collaboration, ability to adapt in any environment, engaging with students, patience, empathy, etc.

What requirements would a high school teacher meet?

There are few requirements for you to have to become a high school teacher.

Requirements vary per state. But in all, you must earn an undergraduate degree. If you already have a bachelor’s degree, you can try education programs to help you transition into teaching. 

The requirements to become a high school teacher usually begins with going through a teacher education program.

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Some requirements for high school teaching are:

~ Complete a variety of education courses

~ Take courses in the major area of studies like English, mathematics or science

~ Document classroom observations as well as students experience

~ Earn a bachelors degree or masters degree as required by some states

~ Pass a certification exam to demonstrate knowledge in a specific area of study.

Asides from courses they take in major areas of study, high school teachers take some specialized courses to prepare them ahead for teaching experience.

Some topics in these courses include;

√ Classroom management

√ Technologies for education

√ Educational psychology

√ Teaching methodologies

√ Curriculum development

√ Educational philosophies, etc

However, to become a high school teacher, one important thing to note is classroom observation, both before and during teaching. 

For certification requirements;

Certification (licensure) is required by all schools but it varies according to state.

To become an art teacher in New York, you must pass some certification examination while in Florida to become a history teacher the certification requirement is different.

The minimum requirement to obtain teacher certification include:

√ Bachelors degree or masters as required by some states

√ Clear background check

√ Student teaching experience should be successful

√ A pass score on a general subject matter

How to become a high school teacher

Here are few steps to take to become a high school teacher

1. Decide on what you want to teach:

Pick out a subject you are interested in and dedicate your time to it.

2.  Earn a bachelors degree:

You are required to earn a degree in that subject you are interested in. 

3. Take the required test:

To become a high school teacher, there is some state-mandated test you should pass before you start teaching in any school. The test is to confirm you have general knowledge of that preferred subject.

4. Consider earning a masters degree:

This is a smart move if you are aiming to become a high school. It also makes you eligible for higher pay.

5. Enroll in teachers program:

If you were unable to meet up the requirements of earning a master’s or degree program, you can enrol in a teacher education program.

You earn a teaching credential in your region if you complete the program.

6. Apply for your teaching credential:

It is required that high school teachers should possess a teaching credential. It certifies that you have completed your test and can lead a classroom.


  1. Can I become a teacher without a degree? 

Most state schools require qualified teachers (QTS).

  1. How fast can you become a teacher?

If you major in education and don’t need to take a separate teacher training program, you can get your bachelor’s degree and teaching credential in four to five years.


To become a high school teacher, the answer is mainly to pick out a subject matter you are interested in and go earn a degree in it. It depends on your educational qualification and state requirements.

If you are able to possess any degree, ensure you update your resume and begin to apply.


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