How to Be Good at Math by DK PDF

How to Be Good at Math by DK PDF

Download How to Be Good at Math by DK PDF book free online – From How to Be Good at Math by DK PDF: This comprehensive math book for primary school children and their parents keeps the subject simple from start to finish. Whether solving subtraction, mastering multiples, or deciphering division, How to be Good at Math has got you covered. Buy From Amazon

Description How to Be Good at Math by DK PDF

Eyecatching graphics and step-by-step sequences work together to lay the foundations of numeracy. There is plenty of fun to be had with exciting examples to aid accessibility and understanding. You’ll fly down a zip wire to get the gist of geometry, time a robot runner in the race to deduce decimals, and use space scales to weigh yourself on giant planet Jupiter.

Made with home learning in mind, How to be Good at Math also contains memorable facts and extra challenges to refresh your knowledge throughout. Primary school math can be practiced again and again to ensure this tricky topic is easier than ever before.

Review of How to Be Good at Math by DK PDF

I love this book for what it is, which is a book about how to understand mathematics concepts. It is not a textbook, so don’t expect it to be one. I got this book so I could help my 2nd and 4th grader with math (I’d completely forgotten how to do long division and multi-digit multiplication, among many other things). I struggled with math all through middle and high school, and it brought down my A average in every other class so that I ended up being a C student.

Teachers wouldn’t provide extra help to me because I was “so smart, just not trying hard enough.” Basically, I lived my life as a student believing I was stupid because I couldn’t grasp the math concepts that my peers had no problem with. I was still stuck in 10th grade Algebra as a senior, and it was humiliating. I ended up not going to college because my confidence was destroyed, and I regret that every day. I’m in my 40s, so it’s too late for me now, but I won’t let happen to my kids what happened to me.

And this book, going through it on my own and quizzing myself and actually understanding concepts I never did before, is a huge win for me. But also difficult, because if I’d had a simple, graphic, step-by-step learning method like this book, the entire trajectory of my academic life may have been different. I’m not saying this book is a life-saver, but…well, maybe I am saying that. It could be, anyway. 100% recommend.

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Review of How to Be Good at Math by DK PDF

This book is stunning. Large format, about 300 pages in colour, clear illustration and proper explanations. You have to be hardworking to prepare such a book. Is it OK to say that in order to prepare such a marvellous and detailed book, you have to be a woman, as a regular man would not have the patience for this? I have seen about a hundred maths books, but I have not had a chance to see such a masterpiece.

When I attended school, there was the rough and brutal approach to force your learning. I wish I had had such books as are prepared nowadays and especially this one. I would recommend such a book to teach autistic children in colleges. A picture tells more than a thousand words. This book has got an illustration to explain sth. on each page.

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