HOW TO BE A SUCCESSFUL PROGRAMMER IN 2019 – Programming and web design is not a difficult thing as people think it is but it needs hardwork ,readiness to learn, mastering and consistency. The followings are the things you need to be a good programmer.

    1. Believe in yourself- to every successful man, there is self believe because challenges will come,even a million one but because you believe in yourself, you will do it. No matter the number of discouragement,you will press on.
    2. Read materials and watch tutorials -thou reading a material is a difficult thing for beginners,so there is an alternative of watching a tutorial in which you will learn at the speed of light. After you developed yourself,you need to read materials like pdf on html and other materials like CSS, JavaScript etc. The place of reading is inevitable cos a tutor wouldn’t be able to talk on every aspect of learning but a book will do and also to reduce your expenses.
    3. Get yourself a mentor- the place of a mentor is your motivate you and gear you up. Also if you have a problem you could easily walk up to him
    4. Be consistent-consistency is the only thing that differentiate a long time beginner and a master. Without consistency, you can only achieve one thing ‘failure’.
    5. Sacrifice- to be a master in all thing, you have to sacrifice things like money, time etc. All things are bed of roses.
    6. Don’t be far from inventions – as time goes on new development will be made, so as a good programmer, you need to be versatile.

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