Hounds on a Cuff By Arun Shravan L A PDF

Download Hounds on a Cuff By Arun Shravan L A PDF book free online – From Hounds on a Cuff By Arun Shravan L A PDF: A series of murders is being committed. They are not connected yet. But the only clue is that a chemical from a pesticide used at home is being used here. How will a detective from NYPD, who has caught a serial killer earlier, rise up to the situation. A thrilling story about murder, criminology, friendship and some good old-fashioned revenge.

Arun Shravan L A is an engineering graduate with a keen interest in writing. He lives in Tamil Nadu, India.

His other works include Short Stories:

Everything nothing,
Journey of redemption.


The voices around was dizzy enough to keep a person out cold. Making this more difficult is the throbbing on the head. Where am I? Still a better question would be where was I? I can’t remember much about the things happened before the pain. Better I first get up and look around and see if all the essential parts of the body are working. As she got up, Brian saw that there was a movement over the place where he made the detective of NYPD to submit to his feet by a good blow to the head while the detective was trying to free the hostages.

“Well , well look who is getting up just in time? The hit on your head was not enough for you I hope. You also want to get yourself into pieces to keep you completely out of action.” The detective was slowly gaining consciousness he knew he had to subdue them in order to keep the plan to move properly. So he took the rod again to put down the detective again.

“Whoa, ya right I was trying to free the children from this bastard. How did he get the advantage of me? It can never happen again. I have to save these children even if it means pushing him through the windows to kill. But I cant even see right yet. Gotta buy the time.” “Oh ya dumbshit, you think hitting one of the best detective of NYPD will just put us down? Try harder.”

Brian understood “You making a small talk? That sounds funnily bad. This means only one thing you’re buying time.”

“Shit, he is smarter than I thought.”

“so detective, after all this planning did you think I would have not thought you watchdogs coming to rescue the innocents.”

“They are innocents, what is that a bunch of 10 or 12 year olds could have done?”

“But their fathers are not so innocent are they? They are money hoarders, big industrialists; I just want a small part of it. Is that wrong?”

“Well then you should have taken scandalous pictures and asked for ransom not their children. That makes it a federal offence.”

“Maybe or maybe not, I want money I have come this far I can’t go back now.”

“Oh yes you can back to the hole where you came from.”

“Well then adios detective, I only wanted to use the bomb but you have made me use the gun now.”

“Don’t you dare hurt them.”

“Are you stupid, I not going to kill them. Ha ha no. I am killing you”.

As he pushed the gun towards the detective, she understood what must be done. Just before pulling the trigger he made the mistake any bad guy does, saying good bye giving time to think. “Well, detective good bye for now. After tonight no man can catch me.”

“Well that’s the problem. I am no man” And she ran forwards toward Brian and pushed the gun towards the roof and three shots were fired.

Brian came to his defences and pushed her away, But she over powered him and pulled the gun out his hand.

“How about now you lie down and reap your seeds?”

“Detective aren’t you forgetting something? I have a trigger in my hand.”

“I know but did you see the door behind you? There are a group of S.W.A.Ts near your ass.”

“What? Where?”

This was her second chance she punched him right in the head with the pistol’s handle and tried to put him down for good. But it did not angle properly but just bruised him. The trigger though was away from both of them. Brian tried to use the rod that was right next to him but detective got away in the nick of time thanks to all the training.

Now she tried a nut buster but he again caught her leg and twisted her forcing the pistol out of her hand. He then ran towards the trigger but she got up and pulled the trigger hitting him right around the knees putting him on his back. She then got up and ran towards the children and freed them “Go through that door and follow the lights. You do know how the police lights look like right?”

“Mam we are 12 of course we do”

“Just checking now get the hell out of here.” She watched as they reached the bottom stairs and left the building for good.

Then she came towards Brian to apprehend him, but he was gone. She followed the blood trail to a dark room with tiny red lights at the edge. She feared for the worst. “Brian this is your final warning. Surrender the trigger and yourself.”

“Ha ha nice joke detective. So what if I couldn’t get the money I have the chance of killing one of New York’s finest. I’ll never miss it even in my death, literally.” And then he switched on the lights showing the whole bomb. Both of them would become a squishy squid if it was to go off. She wanted to do something fast but unless he makes a mistake this move is a checkmate.

“No trigger this time. I’m doing this the old-fashioned way” and he stepped aside showing a digital display. “A timer now how much should I tune it for? It took the children 120 seconds to reach the bottom stairs and another 240 seconds will take to reach your dog friends. So let me keep it for 300 seconds so that by luck I can take a few them also with us. What so you say?” then he turned the key to keep the timer to 300 seconds.

“I have a pistol I can shoot you anytime now. You forgot that have you?”

“Of course not detective, but I put only four bullets to make it interesting. I fired three on the roof and one is inside me now. Who’s the stupid now?” Damn it Brian you are certain on killing me here.

She threw the pistol and neared the bomb to see if she can do something there. “Oh no detective! You can’t pull wires and deactivate it. The only way is a computer hacker, from my knowledge you hate computers.”

Of course I do, conveniently “Tell me Brian, and was this whole stage for the money or to kill me?”

“Oh no detective I wanted just the money. This building is anyway about to be demolished in a week I thought ill make the work easy for them. You were a bonus, though I knew you worked late every Wednesday for some reason.” Damn it he is right the only wires that can be pulled here is the one for the light.


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