Horrendous Tales (Volume I) By Kevin Cathy Pdf

Horrendous Tales (Volume I) By Kevin Cathy Pdf

Download Horrendous Tales (Volume I) By Kevin Cathy Pdf book free online – from Horrendous Tales (Volume I) By Kevin Cathy Pdf book; The horror genre will never be the same. Vile Press Presents: Horrendous Tales (Volume I) is the first anthology of horror short stories written by independent authors who wrote with the intention of giving the reader a new, unencumbered, and twisted perspective on what keeps you up at night. Prepare yourself to read some truly vile works of horror fiction that the mainstream could never offer.

Excerpt from ‘Intruder‘ by Kevin Cathy:

“Cabin, sweet cabin!” Gregory exclaimed as he turned the doorknob.

After pushing the door scarcely ajar, Gregory then raised his right leg and swung it fiercely. The doorknob slammed against the wall adjacent to the entrance which made a slight but noticeable indentation.

“Dude, what the hell!?” Aaron shouted from behind as he carried the cooler up the steps. “This is my uncle’s cabin! I told you that we can’t mess it up or he’ll never let us back here. But the first thing you do is kick in the door before we even get in!”

Gregory continued to have a wide-opened smile.

“That’s what Fred Flintstone should’ve done when Wilma didn’t open up the damn door.”

Amy smirked for a second at Gregory’s whole demeanor but then quickly disguised it so Aaron would not see.

“We haven’t even walked in and you’re already breaking stuff,” Aaron frustratingly said.

Gregory ignored his friend’s concerns, as he always did.

“You weren’t playing, Aaron. This pad is awesome,” he said while looking all around the environment in front of him from the door’s entrance.

“Yeah, it’s pretty cool. For some reason, I was imagining that it would be bigger,” Aaron stated. “But, you know, the way I see it, a whole week being anywhere other than home is vacation enough for me.”

The three of them had just driven five hours to South Lake Tahoe from their apartment in Redding.

The spring semester at Shasta College had finally come to an end, and not a moment too soon for Aaron. He had experienced some events in the past few months that caused his reality to feel hollow. The year had been rough since the first week of January.

A good friend of his who only had five more months to serve in the Marines had been killed in Afghanistan. 

In February, he had lost his part time job at the local gas station.

Then at the end of that short month, his girlfriend of two years, Vicky, said she was moving. What made it worse was that her reason was to get away from everything. Everything meaning him.

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