Home Sweet Witch Bettina by M Johnson PDF 

Download Home Sweet Witch Bettina by M Johnson PDF book free. A naïve young witch. A decades-old murder. Can she put her topsy-turvy magic to good use before someone else gives up the ghost?

Lily Sweet is enchanted by the idea of belonging. So, when she discovers an enigmatic clue to her heritage while settling her mother’s estate, she eagerly sets off on a journey toward her estranged family. But her curiosity quickly turns to chagrin when faced with supernatural forces, a jealous relative, and literal skeletons in the closet. Freaked by the bizarre powers bubbling out of her, Lily hopes solving the long-forgotten cold case will keep the bats out of her belfry. But when a second body appears and the spells start flying, the inexperienced initiate’s lack of control may place everyone in town in harm’s way. Will Lily fall prey to a killer before she learns to wield her magic?