His Magical Touch by Giovanna Reaves Pdf

Download His Magical Touch by Giovanna Reaves Pdf.With one wish and a little luck, he has the perfect touch.

Luca Rossi is a practical man in thoughts and actions. He’s always counted himself extremely fortunate but never would’ve believed there’s real magic behind it. As a divorced father, his priority is protecting and providing for his three children. And after his nanny quit, Luca desperately searches for a new one. Luca finds it hard to trust the care of his children to anyone until a blue-haired, blue-eyed man shows up on his doorstep and changes how he sees the world.

Bluebell Boroson is an elf-witch and a wish agent who works for Santa’s Workshop. He gets great enjoyment from granting the desires in others’ hearts. After failing his last assignment and being put on desk duty, Bluebell is plagued by self-doubt. When he is given a second chance, Bluebell isn’t sure if he is up to the job. One, he has to pretend to be a nanny, and two, there’s a deadline to fulfill this wish request. Bluebell cannot fail, or he will have to give up a job he loves.

When Luca and Bluebell meet, neither can deny their underlying attraction toward each other. But between misunderstandings and facing their own challenges, they never imagined that they could change each other’s lives with one wish and a bit of luck.

For fans of the bestselling multi-author Vale Valley and Valleywood series, His Magical Touch is a standalone novel in the same universe but not a part of either series, but expect a couple of familiar faces to drop by. This is a feel-good story with little angst, mpreg, insta-attraction/lust/love, and a lot of magic.