HIS 409: Nigeria Under Colonial Rule

HIS 409: Nigeria Under Colonial Rule

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HIS 409 – This course discusses Nigeria under colonial rule. The main issues involved include the amalgamation of Nigeria by the British, the colonial system of administration established by the British in the country and the role of Nigeria in the two world wars.

Other issues stated for consideration in this course are social changes brought by the British into the country as well as nationalism, constitutional development and finally, the move towards independence in Nigeria



STUDY SESSION 1: Background to the amalgamation; Amalgamation and its impact.

STUDY SESSION 2: The colonial administrative system and the political economy.

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STUDY SESSION 3: Nigeria and the two world wars STUDY SESSION 4: Social changes

STUDY SESSION 5: The nationalist movement

STUDY SESSION 6: Constitutional Reforms and the much towards independence.

Course Facilitator: Dr. Ibrahim A. Modu

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