Hidden Secrets by Carmen Rosales Pdf

Download Hidden Secrets by Carmen Rosales Pdf.

Hidden Secrets (Hillside Kings Book 3) Colton and Linda’s Story
The death of her boyfriend almost destroyed her, but Linda Ramirez is now determined to move on with her life. Attending the exclusive Hillside University is her first step at taking back her life. Hanging up her dreary khakis and humdrum lifestyle, Linda’s ready for something new. Dresses and stilettos are exactly what she needs to spice things up—and every man on campus is noticing.

And the last thing she needs or wants is another run-in with the campus cartel king. That one night ended at daybreak.

Dangerously hot, Colton Galiano definitely notices the changes in Linda–and how every guy on campus is fighting to get her attention–and get in her bed. Hellbent on being the only one she wants, Colton sets out to make Linda realize that he’s more than a womanizing player–on and off the football field.

But when Linda’s life is threatened, Colton refuses to back down. Protecting her becomes his only mission. Can their HIDDEN SECRET become the one thing they both want and need?


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