Hidden (Hidden Sanctuary Book 1) by T.L. Dyer

Hidden by T.L. Dyer – “Avoid eye contact at all costs… That’s how they get you.” 

The men had separated themselves from their old lives. But had they really thought they could stay hidden forever? 

When an Outsider forces her way into Jacob’s life, the emotionally pain-free existence the men have cultivated in the abandoned buildings skirting the city is threatened. Fighting against the instinctive pull of the ‘outside world’ and the memories of a dark past he’d rather forget, Jacob must choose either the tribe who saved him or the past that might kill him. 

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In the city, Sada has identified the hooded stranger who saved her life and a society few know anything about. Determined to learn more about this hidden tribe, she is confronted with the depth of the scars her city is leaving behind in its quest for financial global power. Her journalistic instincts are to reveal the truth in a city that wants to bury it, but to do so could have fatal consequences for all of them. 

HIDDEN is the first book in the HIDDEN SANCTUARY urban dystopia series.

About the Author

T.L. Dyer is a fiction author who lives and writes in the UK. Her Hidden Sanctuary series blends elements of psychological drama with urban and transgressive fiction, while her next series will explore the twists and turns of the serial killer crime thriller.

Taking her lead from the characters themselves, her novels delve deep into the minds of those who set themselves apart from the norm, and whose difficult lives or dubious pasts dominate the plotline, leading readers on a breathless, heart-thumping and thought-provoking journey right to the very end.

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Genre: Drama, Thriller