Hernia Surgery 1st Edition PDF

Hernia Surgery 1st Edition PDF

Download Hernia Surgery 1st Edition PDF book free – From Hernia Surgery 1st Edition PDF: Surgical procedures to repair hernias are among the most common procedures of all, with a history going back over 200 years. While most procedures are routine, they can be a challenge, particularly when previous surgery in the area has caused scarring that distorts the anatomy. Buy from Amazon

Table of Contents

Hernia Surgery 1st Edition PDF

All currently established operative techniques are described and explained in detail in the book and illustrated, step by step, with a wealth of brilliant figures and diagrams. A detailed description of laparoscopic anatomy and preperitoneal procedures is given. Important information regarding indications and postoperative care is provided.

New surgical treatment concepts for hernia arising in the early 21st century and expounded in this book include tension-free principles, inguinal hernia repair under local anesthesia, use of the preperitoneal space, and laparoscopic hernia repair.

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Key Features: Hernia Surgery 1st Edition PDF

  • 3D mesh and patch-and-plug procedures
  • Laparoscopic methods such as the single-port technique and mini-technique
  • New developments in open and laparoscopic surgery of incisional hernias
  • Special disorders such as sports hernia
  • Richly illustrated with hundreds of exquisite artist renderings

Ideal for all surgeons in training, and of benefit to experienced surgeons as well, Schumpelick’s Hernia Surgery is a complete introduction to evidence-based techniques in this field.

This book includes complimentary access to a digital copy on https://medone.thieme.com.

Preface – Hernia Surgery 1st Edition PDF

First published in German over 25 years ago, Hernien represented the first modern work on surgical technique and is now in its fifth edition. This standard work is now being published in English by Thieme. The cautious beginnings and definitions in what was over 25 years ago a rather marginal branch of “real surgery” have now become a stable pillar of routine surgical practice. Hernia surgery, with its great variety of methods, now accounts for 10–15% of surgical procedures and is also the subject of national and international conferences, with its own specialist societies. Hernia Surgery 1st Edition

Hernia management, formerly a little-regarded stepchild, has now become an important branch of general surgery, with a major research impetus and a deluge of medical devices. Compared with other branches of surgery, patients are usually younger and have longer life expectancy. In the 1980s and 1990s, the development of hernia surgery experienced something of a gold-rush mentality; what had been left to the youngest trainee surgeons now became the focus of attention thanks to new methods, modern materials, and revised scientific ideas. Even the opinion leaders of the surgical associations were now interested in hernia surgery and visited and chaired conferences on this topic. Hernia Surgery 1st Edition PDF

Not least due to their influence, new methods, new materials, new companies, new concepts, new “pioneers”, and new questions shot up like mushrooms. Hardly any conference dared to omit hernia as a leading topic and even today, the announcement of a hernia session regularly attracts hundreds of interested surgeons. After the success story of the last quarter century, the initiators may be permitted to look back at what they accomplished and define what has been tried and tested. The history of hernia surgery will continue to develop steadily in future but nevertheless this manual, which makes recommendations for routine surgical practice, appears justified. Hernia Surgery 1st Edition PDF

What was a delicate shoot has now become a strong, important, and pioneering branch of surgery with numerous sturdy side-branches. The authors hope that this English edition will attract as much attention as the first edition 25 years ago.


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