Heal Your Body by Louise L. Hay PDF

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Heal Your Body by Louise L. Hay PDF

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Just look up your specific health challenge and you will find the probable cause for this health issue and the information you need to overcome it by creating a new thought pattern.

Editorial Reviews


“I love this book. I carry it around in my purse, refer to it constantly, and share it with my friends.”

HEAL YOUR BODY seems divinely inspired.”

“Thank you for writing HEAL YOUR BODY. It changed my ideas about diseases. As I am a doctor, it also changed the way I look at people.”


In dealing with chronic pain a friend referred this book to me as an alternative to the traditional medicine that wasn’t as effective as necessary. It’s just a short book which lists different diseases and physical ailments and what are perceived as the psychological reasonings behind those pains. I’ve always believed there is some connection between mind and body, I just never considered the specific relationship between each part of the body and the psyche. It was actually a very enlightening book for me. I find myself reaching for it often when I’m not feeling well and get curious as to what might be the true underlying issue for the physical pain. Just that knoweldge allows me to think through what’s happening in my life and make some adjustments.

Now, where Louise Hay and I part ways in this thinking is with her remedy – affirmations. I realize that there’s logic behind this concept but my mind just doesn’t play along. It laughs at affirmations and refuses to be so easily manipulated. I realize it does work for others so I’m not discounting it, just saying it’s not the solution for me. Regardless, the book is still illuminative and helpful. If conventional medicine isn’t working for you or you just dislike the traditional remedies to headaches and such, this book is worth a peek. 

Review of Heal Your Body by Louise L. Hay PDF

I read this booklet right after the popular science book “Microbe Hunters” (Paul de Kruif), in which I found this statement, as true now as it was when the book was written in 1926: “Murderous germs are everywhere, sneaking into all of us, yet they are able to assassinate only some of us, and that question of the strange resistance of the rest of us is still just as much an unsolved puzzle as it was in those days of the roaring eighteen-eighties when men were ready to risk dying to prove that they were right.” That “strange resistance” (or an increased susceptibility, which would be the other end of the spectrum) is what I hope alternative medicine can help explaining. Despite my scientific background and profession (both in medical research), I believe that the only way to get a full picture is to listen to both sides, i.e. study the traditional scientific explanations of disease as well as the alternative spiritual ones. Heal Your Body by Louise L. Hay PDF

I’m hoping that the addition of alternative medicine literature such as this booklet (and of course, personal experience and observation) to the scientific study reports, patient records and medical textbooks I read will give me this full picture.

Hay is often criticized for arguing that all disease is caused solely by unhealthy mental attitudes. Personally, I don’t think there is any reason why this booklet should have to be interpreted in that way. In the preface of this 67th (!) edition of “Heal Your Body”, Lousie L. Hay writes: “[f]or us to become whole and healthy, we must balance the body, mind, and spirit”. Later on in the text, she states that “[t]he mental thought patterns that cause the most dis-ease in the body are criticism, anger, resentment, and guilt”. My interpretation of that hyphen is that it’s there to differentiate “dis-ease” from “disease”, which usually refers to the end result of increased susceptibility (“dis-ease”) coupled with physical causes. It’s hard to disagree with such a holistic view!

After the short introductory chapters, the booklet is a kind of encyclopaedia where the reader can look up a specific health problem to find its probable mental cause and a suggested “healing affirmation” to use as a remedy. I found some of it almost comical (“Problem: Bug bites, Probable cause: Guilt over small things., New thought pattern: I am free of all irritations. All is well.”), but surprisingly much of it made sense to me when I “tested it” on myself and others I felt I knew well enough.Heal Your Body by Louise L. Hay PDF

I’m sceptical to whether the affirmations can make much of a difference, but I can obviously not refute it without having tried them. To someone stuck in a negative thought pattern due to depression (i.e. low serotonin levels), this booklet certainly doesn’t give much hope for the future! I’m still hoping that it can be a useful complement to scientific explanations and, who knows, maybe I’ll find that it does this job well enough for me to give it another star.

About the Author

Louise Hay was an inspirational teacher who educated millions since the 1984 publication of her bestseller You Can Heal Your Life, which has more than 50 million copies in print worldwide. Renowned for demonstrating the power of affirmations to bring about positive change, Louise was the author of more than 30 books for adults and children, including the bestsellers The Power Is Within You and Heal Your Body.Heal Your Body by Louise L. Hay PDF

In addition to her books, Louise produced numerous audio and video programs, card decks, online courses, and other resources for leading a healthy, joyous, and fulfilling life. Websites: www.louisehay.com, www.healyourlife.com, and www.facebook.com/louiselhay

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  • Name: Heal Your Body
  • Author: Louise L. Hay
  • ISBN: 0937611352
  • Language: English
  • Genre: Healing, Self Development, Better Life
  • Format: PDF/ePub
  • Size: 8 MB
  • Page: 96
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