Handbook on the Wiring Regulations by Electrical Contractors Association PDF

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Download Handbook on the Wiring Regulations by Electrical Contractors Association PDF book free online-From Handbook on the Wiring Regulations by Electrical Contractors Association PDF: This well established handbook, written and sponsored by the Electrical Contractors’ Association and Select (formerly the Electrical Contractors’ Association of Scotland), provides a detailed, authoritative guide to the Wiring Regulations, BS 7671: Requirements for Electrical Installations.

As the regulations are not drafted by topic, the handbook will be particularly useful in guiding designers, installers, inspectors and testers round the various requirements. It gives practical guidance on how to approach new installations, extensions to existing installations, and the more extensive testing and inspection which are required.

The handbook has been revised to take account of amendments introduced by BS 7671:2001 effective from 1 January 2002. The most significant changes are:

  • chapter 13 rewritten to include three sections on protection for safety, design and selection of electrical equipment
  • a new chapter 44 on overvoltage protection
  • a new chapter 48 on high fire risk situations
  • revisions to the requirements on rooms containing a bath or shower
  • new earthing requirements for the installation of equipment with high protective conductor outlets


Electrical Contractors’ Association (ECA) is the main trade association for companies involved in electrotechnical and other technical engineering projects in England, Northern Ireland and Wales.


Using the handbook; Introduction and plan of the 16th Edition; Scope, object and fundamental requirements for safety; Definitions; Assessment of general characteristics; Protection for safety; Selection and erection of equipment; Special installations or locations; Particular requirements; Inspection and testing; Topic charts; Explanatory examples and illustrations; Index


* all electrical installations have to conform to the Wiring Regulations
* contractors and designers need to work to the latest Regulations
* the Regulations are not drafted in topic order – this guide helps users find their way round the requirements
* gives practical guidance for new installations and extensions to existing ones
* produced by the main electrical contractors’ organisations
* new edition of ‘A Handbook on the Requirements for Electrical Installations’ (2nd edition 0-632-04952-9)

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